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Friday, August 24, 2012

Eblis the Persian Dolphin

Shoutouts to Eblis, the Persian Dolphin, for sending me his music a while back, and I owe you an apology for waiting so long to post your stuff. I've been super lazy about updating this, but I checked out that youtube and I love it. I'm still going through all the songs to figure out which one is my favorite, but all the beats are incredible. They're just so easy to get lost in, and you just sit there listening to the sounds and you have to listen to another and another and another one. A little about Eblis, he is a 16 year old out of the Seattle, Washington area trying to get his music out to a wider listening group. Most of his songs are beats/instrumentals without someone singing or rapping over them to give off that lost in thought kind of vibe I was describing. He is also apart of a group STK (Star Trek) made up of photographers, editors, etc. I seriously look forward to hearing more of your music, and if there's a download link or mixtape I'll definitely post it so everyone can have a little Eblis on their playlists.

Get to Know Eblis
Eblis YouTube Channel

"The Things I Do For Hate"

"Red Baron"


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