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Wanna see your music on here? Just email me at thebratwrites@yahoo.com with a small bio, a download link of the song or mixtape you want up here and a picture you'd like me to use. I may not always post what gets submitted to me, but keep sending me stuff so I can listen and get a feel of your music. If you have any shows coming up let me know too so I can post that as well and I'd love to check out a live performance if I'm in the area.

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Cigarette Fred said...

My name is Cigarette Fred. I am a member of an up and coming hip hop group called Lost Cause based out of Long Beach California. we are known for our unique style and innovative lyrics. We make everything from controversially dark goth rap to commercial hip hop.

Sound Cloud link "Pluto"

youtube Anubis Official Music video link

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