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Monday, December 19, 2011

Andy Milonakis 'We Are Farmers (feat. Dirt Nasty & Riff Raff)'

YESSSS, I needed this tonight. Some leaked Andy Milonakis called 'We Are Farmers' featuring Dirt Nasty and Riff Raff. Let me just say this beat is incredible and if I had speakers it would be blasted in my room right now and for the next few weeks because it's just incredible. Everybody came on the track ready to murder the beat and they all did just that. Honestly you can't just listen to this once, you have to put it on repeat and just listen to it again. If you ever thought that Andy Milonakis' rap game was a joke please rethink that after you hear him go in on this track. This song was definitely what I needed to top off this night. Now excuse me as I pull out the Ric Flair McLaren, WOOO. Shoutouts to Derek Allen for producing this monster.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Build and Destroy"

Just listened to this sweet instrumental mixtape piece by this girl I follow, and it's really dope. She put together 17 songs with some amazing instrumentals, threw them all together on one mixtape "Build and Destroy" (I'm assuming that's what the project is called). It features music from Apollo Brown, Clams Casino, Evil Needle, Mecca-83, Flying Lotus and much more. I personally have heard of a few of these artists, but I am loving the different song choices on here. Here's a 12 minute snippet with samples of each song and you can download the full mixtape with all the songs used as well. Shoutouts to potent for putting together a masterpiece.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Calligraphist 'Feel it in the Air'

Shoutouts to George Calligraphist for submitting me his music (sorry for the wait in the posting, I've been super busy recently), but here we go. Calligraphist is an underground rapper who brings back the actual lyrics side of rapping in his music. He strives to bring that thought provoking and hard hitting music back to the game with a sound thats his own. His deep voice adds to the music he's putting out and allows you to sit and really listen to what it is he's saying. His remix to Beanie Sigel's 'Feel it in the Air' track is amazing, I usually don't listen to remixes of this song because I do believe Beanie killed it, and the original is a hard act to follow, but I honestly believe that Calligraphist did a great job on this. It's a brief track, and like he says, all he wants you to do is listen. He raps about the struggle it is in this hard music industry and how it's harder for him to make it, but I think he does have a chance. Check out 'Feel it in the Air' and support Calligraphist.

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