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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nino_AM 'Ambitious Mind'

Nino_AM, an up and coming rapper out of the 860 (that's Connecticut for those of you who aren't hip to us yet), and he's looking to take over the music game and by the sound of his music his future looks promising. Nino_AM brings something smooth and different to the rap/hip hop game. He doesn't rap about the usual like most mainstream artists nowadays, but something that makes you think. You can listen to Nino's music from song to song and not get tired of it, and his song 'Ambitious Mind' is an example of that. The song samples the instrumental to KiD CuDi's song 'Trapped in my Mind' and Nino did his thing on the track and create something he can call his own. I can see Nino blowing up in the future and it's so nice to see someone with real rhymes ready to do something big.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Beyoncé 'Girls (Who Run the World) (Full Version)'

New music from the Queen, Beyoncé is finally here. The new single entitled 'Girls (Who Run the World)' is different from the music we've heard from Beyoncé in the past years, and I've been reading some mixed reviews on the song, but personally I love it. It's I guess you would say "popish," but I think it's just really upbeat and fun and a track for all the girls out there that run the world. This is the full version of the song and I honestly can not wait to hear what more she has to offer on her new album as well. The song to me is one of those empowering songs for us girls to let our male counterparts know who run the world. We got it going on and thanks to Bey we have our own theme song now. So next time someone gets confused on who runs the world, just shout 'GIRLS.'

Sunday, April 17, 2011

KiD CuDi Quits Smoking Weed & Performs 'Marijuana' On Stage

If you don't already know, the Man on the Moon, Mr. Rager aka KiD CuDi has announced he quit smoking weed. To some it may be very shocking, but if you listen to why he made this important decision in his life you can understand why. CuDi sites his often use of the drug, and how he was missing out on very important moments in his life because of his use of Marijuana and has decided to take a step back and not use the drug anymore. I applaud Cudders for this decision, and we all know he will still be our Lonely Stoner even if he's not smoking weed. I hope you all can respect his decision and continue to support Cudders as he continues to make that good good music for us, and give us those awesome live performances. Along with his decision to quiet smoking, CuDi performs his song 'Marijuana' off of his "Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager" album. Enjoy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gabe Bondoc 'Trenches'

Gabe Bondoc. He labels himself as a guitarist, singer, songwriter and nerd. What I can tell is that he has an amazing voice and his music is wonderful. The song 'Trenches' which is off of his "Spring 2011 EP" displays his guitar skills complimented by his gorgeous voice to create a beautiful sounding song. 'Trenches' is about remembering what side you're on. I love the lyrics in this song, and it kind of reminds me of 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars, except this one sounds realer (I guess that's what I'm trying to say) and more emotional compared to Bruno Mars' song. I can see a really promising future for Gabe especially if he continues to make beautiful music like 'Trenches.' What I'm hearing is that he wants people to support and buy his EP and not to spread his music around on YouTube and what not (not totally sure if it's true though), so I don't have a download available.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Asher Roth 'Kidz These Daze'

Asher Roth has dropped a new track for his fans and the doubters alike. The new joint is called 'Kidz These Daze' which addresses his step back from making music and how people seem to/continue to judge him from 'I Love College.' Roth is a great artist who doesn't get the shine he so rightly deserves because people label him for his breakthrough into the industry track 'I Love College' and are so quick to put down any other songs from him because they assume his music will be like that. I find it dumb to quickly label an artist before you really get to check out other songs by them, listen to some freestyles, etc because they could potentially be your favorite artist if you gave them a listen. I love the beat on 'Kidz These Daze' because it has one of those old school, classic hip hop beats to it, and Asher addresses his music hiatus and the hate he's received by people about his music.

"Might be the most slept on in the world, saying all this cool s*** just to get ignored"

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