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Thursday, September 30, 2010

100th Post and U Smile Video Premiere

Thanks to all of my supporters, followers, readers, commenters just everybody who makes The Brat Writes possible. I've finally made it to 100 posts and this moment is breath taking (LOL). No, but seriously it does feel good to know that other people are interested in what I have to offer on here and take the time to rate or comment my blog or vote on my polls (B.T.Dubbs I should have a new poll coming soon) it really does mean a lot to me. I have a few announcements, I will be (slash attempting) to do a kind of mixtape monday kind of thing where I introduce mixtape that I'm bumping or just came out or something and rate them and what not, I already have a few I want to do. Also I'm in contact with a few up and coming artists and I hope to get this stuff they're dropping/an interview up from Masai soon along with some other stuff. Look out for my posts here and on TheChillinVillains.com you might get some drops on there before they make it here or vice versa.

And to cap off this post I have the World Premiere Video of Justin Bieber's 'U Smile' song off of his "My World 2.0" album. Don't get all crazy, I'm a fan of Justin, but I'm not a belieber (or atleast not yet lolz), I love this song and 'Stuck in the Moment' off of that album along with a few other ones (not counting the singles EVERYONE knows thats played on the radio and what not). I think he's a good singer, and the album was amazing. The video is good, but I wasn't really sure what direction they would go with it, I won't comment my opinion yet because I have to watch it a few more times first. You let me know what you think.

The Runaway by Lupe Fiasco

So I had posted this a few days ago on The Chillin Villains site, and I thought I'd post it here as well. It's some new Lupe Fiasco called 'The Runaway (Lupe Fiasco vs. Unkle Reconstruction)' and let me just say Lupe killed it. The beat is kind of a electro-hip hop kind of feel, like a lot of trance kind of stuff to it, and Lupe just drops some crazy verses, "At each others throats like butterfly collars or Siamese twins joined at the Medulla Oblongata going to the opera" just a little sample of what he does in the song.

Oh and I used this same picture on The Chillin Villains, idk it's just such a beautiful picture and that jacket is out of this world. I love it.

Dr. Dre Power Beats Headphones Commercial

So this is a little different form the usual music stuff, but this is the commercial for Dr. Dre's Power Beats headphones with him, Lebron James and Affion Crockett. This is too funny, they take jabs at Lebron and his 'media conference' skills, Dre "working out that album" and being a champion (aka the Lakers).

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take My Eyes Off Of You (Remix)

So I know I was supposed to post this like right after I posted the original song by Lauryn Hill 'Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You,' but I was mad lazy/I needed to go to bed so I never got around to it, and I wanted to to the days afterward but still laziness was a huge contributor, but this is a remix to the cover Lauryn Hill did by Theophilus London whom I blogged about a while ago...I love his version, but if only he had continued rapping and did a full remix version of the song because that verse he did was beautiful. Just thoughts, tell me what you think. FYI this is off of his "The Charming Mixtape" mixtape if ya'll were interested (and like before I was supposed to do a mixtape review, no worries it will be coming shortly)

Stop Lying (Shut Up) by Keke Palmer

So my girl Keke Palmer of "True Jackson: VP," "Akeelah and the Bee" and other films/shows fame has a new song out called 'Stop Lying (Shut Up)' which is produced by Drama (you know Rob Dyrdek's cousin? yea him) and I like it. This is the first song I've heard by her since 'Bottoms Up' which I love love love...
and this one has that "play at parties/dances" kind of feel to it, but not totally committed because the song is about breaking up (totally my opinion) and the guy she's leaving just has all these excuses and all this and she just wants him to shut up and stop lying. I think it has great potential, Keke has a great voice and good for her to continue doing music, I just hope she gets managed well and gets the fame she deserves (other than tv/movie fame).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ticker Tape Parade by Carlos St. John

New Carlos St. John (I honestly love this man) so I guess Tuesdays are when he gives his Portfolio Stock Holders something new (and me likeyyy and if you aren't a stock holder get it together and check him out). The new song he just dropped not too long ago is called 'Ticker Tape Parade'...And it's not too hard like it's more laid back (i guess thats how to describe it), but the song is hot and he really kills it without rapping about materialistic stuff like most mainstream rap nowadayz which is the type of rap/hip hop I prefer. The piano for this song is simply incredible, the chords are easy, but it just fits the tone of the song so well. Oh and apparently the beat is off of Kanye West's 'Runaway' track he released a few weeks ago, either way it's still hot.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Better Than Her feat. Akon

The song was leaked/released (whatever you wanna call it) in april (something like that), but I came across it mad late at night last night so I couldn't put it up, but the song's called 'Better Than Her' by Matisse featuring Akon. Apparently she's one of his new artists and I like what they did on this song. It's mad poppy (like popish) and I can deff hear this played on the radio... She (Matisse) kind of sounds like Lady Gaga to me, idk I just kind of get that vibe, probs cause Gaga jumped on the scene with Akon and just blew up and her first single was this dance/pop song and this reminds me of it. This should get plenty of radio time in the near future, not sure how to determine how well she'd do because I don't know much about her, but this song is a great start off point for her. Akon really knows how to create hits and sign amazing artists. Well I've dragged on long enough, here's 'Better Than Her.'

Praying For Rain by Aziz

Yes, Mr. Aziz from M.A.C. has been doing his solo thing for quite some time making a bunch of headlines on sites like, fresh2deathdaily, Hot New Hip Hop, FreshOnCampus, and doing shows in his native New Hampshire. This track 'Praying For Rain' featuring Dave Pettibone is something that once you listen to you'll keep coming back for more...The song is off of his first mixtape, "Point of You" which has shown off his lyrical prowess and reason for him to get more shine. I wanted to give you guys some Aziz because the 'Tic Tac Toe' video by M.A.C. is supposed to drop today so I'll deff post it up here when it does. I'm so pumped for it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm So Appalled (Music Video)

No this isn't the official Kanye West 'I'm So Appalled' music video for the full song just released last night, but it's Gilbere Forte's version (if the name sounds familiar it should because he was featured on the 'Alors On Danse (remix)' I posted a while ago) which I think he went in on... The version that was released yesterday I like (But won't download, idk not good enough for me to run out and download, which is kinda why I don't post Kanye's friday weekly drops or whatever they're called), but I was wondering why it sounded like he was rapping right into the mic like it just doesn't sound fully mastered to me. But that's besides the point, Gilbere Forte did his thing on 'I'm So Appalled' so watch and let me know what you think.

I Hope She Cheats On You (Remix)

OMG, I heard this song just a few hours ago and WOW. It's funny yet catchy, almost like Maino and Fabolous remixed this as a joke, but the verses are fire. Fab's verse destroys it all and the hook is crazy nice. I can deff see this song being played on the radio, and I can also see it getting a lot of hate for the song, but I like it...Once you listen you'll deff want to download and play it 24/7. I'm not a huge Marsha Ambrosius fan, I've heard of her through a Bangledash mixtape a few years ago, but I never really paid attention to her, but I guess apparently she lost some weight and came with this banger. Without further ado here's 'I Hope She Cheats On You (Remix) by Marsha Ambrosius feat. Fabolous and Maino.

Still D.R.E. (freestyle)

I listened to this instrumental the other day and I wondered if anybody did a killer freestyle on the beat and boy oh boy was I pleased with Lloyd Banks' freestyle. He straight killed it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

F*** You (Remix)

Cee-Lo (one half of Gnarls Barkley) came out recently with a new song titled, 'F*** You' which I heard on the radio the other day and I just LOVEEE it, well I just got hip to a remix done by Joell Ortiz and he kills it. Read More to listen...This is just a great collab and Joell really does his thing on the remix. Unlike some, he really sticks with the content/message (i guess you can call it) of the song.

Copywrite and Crooked I

So rapper, Copywrite, is working on releasing his sophomore album, "The Life and Times of Peter Nelson" on November 2nd which I read about a few weeks ago. I was first put on Copy a while ago when Asher Roth first came out and he dropped a diss record against him called 'Cremation' and even as a Roth fan I did like the diss. I heard Roth's diss towards Copy and it just wasn't up to par. But let's get back to this, he's doing/working on a song called 'Crooked Cops' with Crooked I in the studio...and here's the video for this studio session, so far the song sounds hot, drop a comment and let me know what you think. When it comes out I'll drop the full length song on here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Music: Black Rob

I KNOW ya'll remember Black Rob from the Bad Boy days and his crazy hot joint, 'Whoa,' well if you don't you need to reintroduce yourself to it. Let's get back to it, I just saw this, but he's got a brand new video out for his song 'No Fear' this was my first time listening to it, and he stays true with himself in the song. Read more for the video.
Listen and Let me know what you think
Oh and Harlem stand up

Yelawolf 'B.M.F. Freestyle'

Yelawolf straight killed this track, I don't care what anyone says, it's hot. If you don't know who Yelawolf is, step your game up and get hip to him, he's deff making some headlines and in no time you'll be hearing his stuff on the radio with your favorite artist. He legit dropped some crazy lines on this song, and he's soooo fineee if you like to listen to artists who look good *cough Wiz Khalifa cough*

Runaway Love (Remix)

So, I know this song came out a few weeks ago, but as of late I've just been in LOVE with it. I first heard the song (the original I mean) when I bought Justin's My World 2.0 (don't get me wrong I am NOT a belieber as of yet, I just like his music, so I'm just a regular fan) and I saw on twitter that Kanye was diggin the joint as well and he wanted to do something with the track.

A couple weeks later and BAM he and as I like to call him "the man of the hour" Raekwon remixed the song and made it their own. I think it's a good track, but there's some problems that I find with it though. I do enjoy how they changed the beat a little, it just love how it sounds and their verses were tight, but I just didn't think they really mixed their parts in well with the meaning/content of the original song. But don't get me wrong the song is still hot in my opinion, please don't knock the song without listening just because you don't like Justin Bieber for dumb reasons. Comment and let me know what you think.

P.S. did anyone else hear what sounded like a "BURRR" in the song?

Download 'Runaway Love (Remix)' Here

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

This song and Lauryn Hill signing it just makes it even more beautiful. Enjoy!

P.S. There's a reason why I'm posting this, another song made me get back into this which I'll be posting later tonight.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

'Perfect' by Carlos St. John

So I talked to Carlos St. John today (sooo excited about that), and he's dropping a new EP very soon, and just dropped some new stuff today like a couple hours ago, and as usual it's a banger. I'm so excited for him, I really wanna see him get the recognition he definitely deserves in the music industry. Oh and as you all know I help contribute to TheChillinVillains and found out the other day that Mr. Carlos St. John did the intro for their fall mixtape which I'm sooo jealous about, but congrats to them though, check out TheChillinVillains! Without further ado, here's Carlos St. John with 'Perfect,' I'll keep ya'll updated with what's new with his music.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Get to Know: Mayer Hawthorne

So I stumbled upon this guy while searching for new music to check out, and his name's Mayer Hawthorne aka DJ Haircut from the Athletic Mic League who are an underground rap group (deff check them out, and yes I finally did my homework for once). The song is called 'No Strings' basically meaning a one night stand (oh no), but he sings it in such a soulful manner that if you really didn't pay attention to what he was saying you would miss it (as I did the first couple times hearing it lolz). It's not like extremely vulgar, but kind of classy (?), idk how to explain it, but the song is amazing and you should deff check it out and listen. Downloading it is a lot of working, I had to join an email mailing list and all that to get the link to download the song, but seeing that it's 7 minutes after midnight as I'm writing this, I thought I'd do ya'll a favor and just upload it and let ya'll download it from there.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get 'Em Girls

Just checked out this song by Jessica Mauboy (not really sure who she is, maybe I'll do some investigating) featuring Snoop Dogg in 'Get 'Em Girls' real poppy (like pop) and I could deff hear this being played on the radio real soon. Kind of like 'California Girls' but good (not trying to diss Katy Perry at all, I just don't like the song), but this one's nice. When/If it does get radio time, make sure you tell your friends where you heard it from first :)

Rose Colored Glasses

So my mom was the one who actually told me about this song. It's called 'Rose Colored Glasses' by Kelly Rowland, and it's about seeing someone for their true selves and not just how they appear to you. Not sure if I explained it well, but it's such a beautiful song, and it really should get more air time even though the song came out around the summertime.

Can You Feel It?

I know ya'll missed it, but here's some new KiD CuDi featuring Rich Hill with 'Dangerous.' Not really sure what it's off of (probs that MOTM: 2), but it's hot. The beat is interesting (but in a good way), some nice CuDi to hold ya'll till November 9th, when his sophomore album comes out.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Get to Know: Willow Smith

So, I heard this song on the radio the other day and I was like, this song is tough, and then the radio personalities were like that was Willow Smith's new song 'Whip My Hair,' and I was like WHAT?! (lolz). But forreal this song is soooo tough like I could listen to this all day, and sure you might be like she's only 9 so this song can't be tough, but it doesn't sound like any 9 year old. Her voice sounds so mature for her age, you'd think she was a teenager or in her twenties when you listen to the song. I just hope she doesn't get caught up in the negative side of the music business, she has great potential if she keeps her head on straight. I know Will and Jada are proud, they have such a talented family and a beautiful marriage. Congrats to Willow, she was/is signed by Jay-Z and his Roc Nation Record Label, I hope you have a successful music career if you continue to pursue it. Without further ado, here's 'Whip My Hair.'

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something in the Way

I'm a hugeee Nirvana fan (well not that huge, but I really really REALLY love their music) and this song 'Something in the Way' off of their "Nevermind" album, is always in my head whether I listen to it or not. It's just something that's not too hard (?) and you can listen to it when you want to relax. It's just an all around amazing song. If you understand what Kurt was trying to get across in the song, drop a comment with your thoughts.

R.I.P. Kurt Cobain.

Delirium Mixtape

So, I put you guys on an artist by the name of Thesis, out of the CT Prep school area (woo hoo) with his song, 'Settle Down,' and he just recently (oh geez like the 8th of September, woahh mad late lolz) released his first mixtape entitled, "Delirium." I've heard maybe half of the songs on it before and they're all bomb songs. He brings back that old school vibe that we all love and miss, after I listen to all of it I'll do a mixtape review and post it up here. Now enough reading, and download "Delirium" NOW!

Monday, September 13, 2010

One Day

So I've been hooked on this song since I got NBA 2k10 and it is INCREDIBLE. The song is called, 'One Day' by Matisyahu, who is a Hassidic Jew who does reggae and also beatboxes. This song is just full of emotion, the lyrics are beautiful and it's sung perfectly. Hopefully One Day there can be peace and we can all be proud to be under the same sun, singing songs of freedom. Just listen and you'll know what I mean. Oh and just my personal opinion, there was/is a remix of this song with Akon, and I feel like he COMPLETELY ruined the song, it just doesn't have that same peaceful vibe to it, but that's just me.

Hollow Eyes

So i put you guys on Bishop Lamont a few weeks ago with his song 'Gone' with John Mayer, well guess what?! He's back with another hot track, it's more slowed down and personal (idk how to describe it), but the song is called 'Hollow Eyes' featuring Anjulie. Well you know the deal, listen and drop a comment.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Daniel Curtis Lee

So Daniel Curtis Lee, who ya'll might know/remember as Cookie from Ned's Declassified has grown up and he's doing music. Sure you might be like, "Oh it's probably whack or whatever" but his freestyles are actually hot, with some nice lines. I was put on him by one of my friends earlier this year, and I just got back to checking out his videos on YouTube so I want ya'll to check him out too. I believe his group I guess you can call it is called "The Cool Table" with Dan-D (Daniel Curtis Lee) his Brother Nate, and A+ (Adam Hicks). The beats he goes in on are straight fire, and the mixtape should (?) be coming out soon (not really sure), but when it does you better believe I WILL be downloading it and I'll link ya'll to it too. Check out his video with him and A+ rapping over his Brother Nate's beats.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Alors On Danse (Remix)

Soooo I've been on this song for a few days now, and each time I listen to it I just HAVE to play it like 10 more times. I posted it up on the other blog I write for TheChillinVillains.com and I thought I'd give ya'll the song too. It's a dance/techno-y vibe, but if you're open to different types of music then you'll appreciate this one. Stromae is (i think) French or atleast he does his music in French and the original song came out about a month ago, be sure to request it at any parties/clubs or whatever you might be at.

Cam'ron/Jay-Z/Lauryn Hill Mashup

So I found this song the other day, it’s a mashup of ‘That Thing’ an ’99 Problems’ over the ‘Hey Ma’ instrumental. The result is straight fire. Listen up.

Holding You Down (Going in Circles) (Remix)

I'm not a huge Jazmine Sullivan fan, I like her music, but I'm not at that step where I'd buy her album or anything (yet), but I do like this song. The man of the hour, Raekwon has remixed the song and I like what he does with it, idk I really like his voice, it's unique? i guess you can call it, but listen and download. Oh and drop your commentsss.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Say It Like It Really Is

So Public Enemy has a new song out called, 'Say it Like it Really Is.' Who doesn't enjoy a little Public Enemy? If you're a hip hop head then you gotta give props to Public Enemy. No free downloads here for this, BUY and SUPPORT P.E. on iTunes and go out and buy their music.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lauryn Hill's Coming Back

Soo as we all know, the music industry is so desperately misses Lauryn Hill's presence, but don't you fret there's a new song with her and Ron Isley (from the Isley Brothers) on this song called 'Close To You.' It's a nice slow song, with Ron and Lauryn dueting (is that even a word lol) in such beautiful harmony. Lauryn's soulful voice is so refreshing, I hope to hear more music soon.

New Music: Chiddy Bang

Some new stuff from Chiddy Bang. The song's called 'The Good Life' idk if it's from an album, mixtape or what, but just enjoy the music and know that you got it here first. After listening to it, it sounds like there could be another verse added to it, so idk if it's a finished song or not, but it's still hot. Man i would LOVEEE to see this dude in concert, like him, CuDi and well idk who else right now but those two together and maybe Theophilus London would be epic.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Takeover Freestyle

I know it's old, but Cudders just brings the heat. Even when he freestyles he still rips it.
The beat is 'Conglomerate' by Busta Rhymes in case anyone was wondering.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Walking In Memphis

I've always been in love with this song, so I thought I'd share it with ya'll. It's Marc Cohn's live performance of 'Walking in Memphis' at Austin City Limits performance. Enjoy.

I think I might just do a bunch of not really "oldies" but lets just say songs that our generation doesn't really appreciate.

Wavin' Flag Remix

So I was just in the mood to listen to K'naan's 'Wavin' Flag' and I got to wondering if anybody had done a remix (not the whole World Cup stuff or Will.I.Am stuff just someone not so well known) and I came across this version of the song which is the Nigeria Remix by M.I. & Banky W. I don't know too much about them, but I do know they did do a wonderful cover even though I like the other chorus "When I get older, I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom just like a wavin' flag"<--that version compared to the newer one, but thats just me.

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Music: KiD CuDi

So I posted this a few days ago on The Chillin Villains when it first dropped, but I waited a while before posting it here cause I'm still a little in different about it. It's a new song by none other than KiD CuDi and it's called 'Did You Get It' apparently it's gonna be off the Man On The Moon II album (but I'm not 100% sure tho). Idk it's nice, but not really the CuDi I was expecting like on 'Erase Me' or 'REVOFEV' or 'Wylin Cause I'm Young' or any of his stuff off the first album or his mixtapes, but thats just my opinion. I'll listen to it more and I might just change my opinion, but drop your comments about the song.

*Correction* the video i posted before was removed so I finally found another one with the song, it's apparently slowed down a little, but you can't really tell.

Without further ado here's 'Did You Get It'

Popular by Masai

Soo I guess a little while back there was a video of Kanye West sampling the song 'Popular' from the Wicked Soundtrack (great soundtrack by the way lolz) I guess for his upcoming album which I have lost track of the title (lolz). So the sample is out there on YouTube if you're looking to do a freestyle or something on it. I found this version of the song (i just mean someone rapping over the beat) off of another blog I'm following (which ya'll should too) called CHOMP! and it's a nice song so check it out and drop a comment on the song or if you did a freestyle to the song let me know so I can put you up here. His name once again is Masai and you can contact him on Twitter: @MasaiCD for more information on him. I just checked and this song I believe will be on Masai's upcoming mixtape "Almost Back" coming out in September.

*Correction* the mixtape is titled "Almost Back" I accidently said "Black" and it will be available September 15th and if you want to pre-order it now you can at almostback.com

Without further ado here is Masai's 'Popular'

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Music: Justin Bieber

OMG I'm like so excitedddddddd. Even though this has been out since like march/april, maybe even earlier, it's still new to me and probs to some of ya'll lol. Now look I know ya'll are probably like, "What? Justin Bieber? Are you serious??" and yea I am. I'm sorry but I'm a J-Bieb fan, but not crazy like OMG I wonder what Justin's doing now, not that fanatical, but I do like his music. It's so annoying hearing people say stuff like, "he sucks and he sounds like a girl" blah blah blah, you're just jealous that he has MILLIONS of fans and a successful career so don't hate just strive to make yourself better and just congratulate him on his successes. But I'm getting beside the point, this new/old (whatever you want to call it) song is called 'Kiss and Tell' and personally I think he deff should have added it to My World 2.0 but we can't always have what we want now can we? lolz. If you're not a Bieber fan sorry just check out the rest of my posts or listen and let me know what you think, and if you are and you've never heard this before (like myself) ENJOY :D

Bishop Lamont feat. John Mayer 'Gone'

If you know about Bishop Lamont then I bet you're pumped about this, if you don't get ready to be amazed. The song's called 'Gone' featuring John Mayer (who might I add destroys the chorus, I just LOVEEEE his voice). I posted this yesterday on the other blog I write for, The Chillin Villains and I decided to post it here for ya'll. The song is crazy niceee so check it out. Drop a commenttttt.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Get to Know: Almost Gold

New thing I'm doing called "Get to Know" for artists that YOU need to know about. They're some of my personal faves and I want to share their music with you. Almost Gold a band out of Boston, Mass who I found either last year or two years ago are that Pop Punk band you need to check out. One of my FAVORITE songs by them is "I Know It Too Well" [which isn't downloadable :(] but still super catchy (sounds so cliché but it really is though). Have no fear, I have not let you down, I do have another song for ya'll to check out.

The Truth In Women & Hip Hop Documentary

This is a clip from "The Truth In Women & Hip Hop Documentary" I believe coming to B.E.T. or it is already being played on TV, but this is a clip on Lauryn Hill's impact in music and the role of women in Hip Hop. Very interesting and I hope to see the rest of the documentary.

Cannibal Ox

I'm not even gonna write about them, I'm just gonna post the lyrics and YOU tell me whats real hip hop. *correction* so i did have the full lyrics up but that just made the page uber long so I just put a couple lines and I'll just link ya'll to the full lyrics. Lo Siento.

[ Vordual Megala ]
Life's ill, some-time's life might kill
Vordul Mega, five digits grab mic's mic strike type ill
Is life real? Yo akhi builds
When life feels, like earth don't spin
Whirlwinds mic blend
Lifes at a stand-still, dangerous cuz man kills
And still, cats visualize life ghetto like
Born mind, sometime these cats see life
Street life incomplete light and be like
I'm a live life after this
One crime, one line from the Mega-la
Blow spine, everyone
Knows the city's ill, cats kill
Still black man holds nine
Gotta chill star
Be the light of Shamar
Work hard Shamar C-Cipher-A.L.L.A.H
Adapt bars snatch stars
and detach large, channels
But our bar's handle might break mic's
Vordul Megala the cannibal ate mic's
Strive live live fuck five I want a hundred and eight mic's

Who Remembers: Blu Cantrell

Blu Cantrell, Ms. 'Hit 'Em Up Style.' I know my fellas remember when this song came out and if you was cheating you knew what the consequences were lol. The last time I heard this song before today was in the car with my bestfriend and his mom when she turned it on, and he said this was her "I hate men playlist" lolz gooood times. This was a time when music wasn't autotuned but real voices shined through, and ladies if you're man cheating on you, just 'Hit 'Em Up Style.'

Without further ado here's the infamous 'Hit 'Em Up Style' (i've said that sooo many times in this post lol)

Viva La Vida Cover

I found this a while ago (before my harddrive failed) and I thought it was such an amazing cover besides the fact that Imani didn't know all the words, but besides that, her voice makes the cover all her own. This was done on BBC Live Lounge, idk if there's an actual video for the cover, but the song itself should be good :)

Little Jackie on iTunes

Here's Little Jackie's Cover of 'Viva La Vida'

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