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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paperface 'She's Like A Star (feat. Prep Star) (Remix)'

Paperface, out of the New Jersey area, and he brings an original style to the music game, not just musically, but with his style. The name "Paperface" is to be taken literally for he wears a paperbag over his face as a way to hid his true identity. He tries to come up with different answers to the ever so popular question as to "Why?" and I think I may have one take on this. I'm only speculating, but maybe it's to keep attention to his music and what he has to offer, rather than focusing on his outer appearance and judging him before taking a second to see what he has to offer. I mean that's just me but let's get back to the music. The song 'She's Like A Star' which features Prep Star, is a remix of Taio Cruz's original song by the same name, and Paperface puts his spin on the song and adds a little comedy as well with the video. The song is about calling that special someone your "star" the one who's above everything to you, but Paperface (in the video) takes it one further and tells two girls that they are his star which leads to an argument between the two young ladies at the end. An overall great video from and the verses are well written and I can't wait to check out more music from Paperface in the future. If you're looking to check Paperface out in concert he's been doing shows in the New York/New Jersey and Philadelphia are so be on the look out.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jim Jones 'Perfect Day (Official Video)(Feat. Chink Santana & Logic)'

The song 'Perfect Day' by Dipset's own, Jim Jones, has become an instant favorite of mine from the first time I heard the song on the radio. He switches it up a bit on this record and finds his inner Ice Cube 'Today Was A Good Day' and spits about a perfect day without cops harassing, everything going well without any problems creating that essential "Perfect Day." I really like this song because it shows off a different side of Jones and that he can rap about things other than money, cars, etc and spit something that everyone can relate to. Not only is the song sentimental, but the video shows off a softer side of Jones with the feature of his Aunt (I believe) doing the lyrics to the song in sign language along with Jim Jones doing a couple parts in sign language as well. Whenever this song comes on the radio, I know it will be a perfect day so check out the video and I hope you all have yourselves a 'Perfect Day.'

"We can be anywhere in the world, but we right here/We gon' be right here/For this perfect day"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Odd Future Interview by Nardwuar at SXSW

So many members of the Odd Future crew were down in Austin, Texas for the SXSW shows, and Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats were along for the ride in this funny interview with Nardwuar. The Odd Future gang has been seeing many more headlines since their performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live along with other interviews, funny skits, other show performances, along with their heavy presence on many social networking sites. The Odd Future Crew brings about a different style of music along with stage antics that have brought together a wide pool of fans. Personally I haven't had the chance to check out more songs by them other than 'Sandwitches' and 'Yonkers' but from what I've seen they have many fans of other songs, and the other members of the group other than Tyler. If you don't know Odd Future, check them out in this funny interview with Nardwuar and I suggest checking out some of their songs as well as Tyler's "Goblin" album that will be released soon. #FreeEarl

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kanye West & KiD CuDi 'Gorgeous (SXSW Surprise Show)'

Back to the music you all love. So Kanye West has been rumored to be performing at the SXSW concert festival in Austin this past Saturday, March 19, and among the different songs he performed was the song 'Gorgeous' featuring G.O.O.D. Music labelmate KiD CuDi. The song is off of Yeezy's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album released November of 2010, and I've heard the song maybe once before and just listening to it again makes me love Kanye West and his music. The original features Raekwon along with CuDi, and it's just an all around great track that displays the emotion he's felt from the critics, and he even references the writers/creators of South Park in the song. CuDi lends his talents for the hook of the song along with the written thoughts of Kanye over the melodic beat which creates something special called 'Gorgeous.' The sound quality of the song is not as great, but if I find a better version, I'll deff post it up for you all. In the meantime check out Kanye West & KiD CuDi's performance of 'Gorgeous' at the SXSW Vevo Power Plant Surprise Show.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rebecca Black 'Friday (Official Video)'

So if you guys have not heard about this song and video 'Friday' by an up and coming singer Rebecca Black you need to watch this now. To accurately sum up the video in just a few comments would be hard. It's honestly something that's different and the lyrics to this song, you just can't compare them with anything else you've ever heard. Rebecca Black is the new youth revolutionary when it comes to music, she brings a style of music thats been pushed back in the music industry for far too long. Her lyrics connect with the daily problems of teens and with that I applaud her. I hope she will never lose sight on what she stands for and continue to sing about the teenage struggle. This video is not heavily edited and it shows real teenagers having fun on that ever so loved day of the week, Friday. There is also a special appearance by a rapper, who's name I am unaware of, that adds to the fun of 'Friday' so check it out and let me know what you guys think.

"Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend/Partyin' Partyin' (Yeah!)/Partyin' Partyin' (Yeah!)"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Theo Martins 'Turn It Up (Feat. Plan B)'

Theo Martins, musician out of Rhode Island, and artist behind the track 'Lo-Fi Love' which I featured on here a while back has just released a new album for his fans called "Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor." The album mixes a bunch of different genres like Hip Hop, some Pop, Electro, amongst others to create something original and Theo Martins unique. The first track off of the album is called 'Turn It Up' which features British musician Plan B on the track. 'Turn It Up' has a mix of different sounds blended together to create this dance inspired, techno influenced song that will definitely have you going crazy on the dance floor. I'm definitely diggin the intro which starts off slow and acapella, then the different instruments coming in really add to the track. Theo Martins always brings something different and unique to his music and 'Turn It Up' is a great intro song to an even more amazing album.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chris Brown 'Look At Me Now (Official Video) (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne)'

So Chris Brown, sorry newly blonde haired Chris Brown, has finished and released the music video for his hot new single 'Look at me Now' which features Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne. The song by itself is hot, and all three of the guys do their thing on the track, but the question was how would the video look. I wasn't sure what direction would be taken with the video, maybe an opening with a club scene since he does say, "I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club, you can't even get in" but for the rest I wasn't really sure. The video is creative, and does show of Chris' dancing skills which is something I do appreciate since his earlier music videos. I like the video, it's not too flashy, it's very urban (I guess, not really sure if I'm using it correctly) element wise, and it reminds me of his 'Run It' video so I wonder if Chris is gonna return to those days. Be on the look out for his new album "F.A.M.E." due March 22nd.
*edit* Have no fear the video is back up.

*Chris tweeted that this isn't the final edit of the song so I'll be on the lookout for that final version when it premieres on BET's 106 & Park*

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Daveed 'Letting Go'

I'm on a roll with the Mid West artists now. Daveed another rapper out of the Minnesota area who's looking to take over the game. He posts, "I want to be a real person when it comes to my music. I don't want to create someone that has it all together as an artist, but behind the mic is someone thats hurting." Daveed first picked up the mic to start rhyming at the age of 14 which sparked his interest in hip hop and perfecting his skill. Still giving his fans some hot music, Daveed is releasing a new mixtape titled, "Say What's Real" in May of 2011. After hearing this dope track 'Letting Go' I can only imagine that this new mixtape will be great. This song has a dope beat, and the chorus which talks about letting go of your problems for the night and just have fun, and do you. Another reason I like the song is Daveed's approach to the song, and the message behind it. The only bad part about the song is that it ends. I already listened to the songs he put up on his Facebook band page, and they all display his talents on the mic. I wish him the best, and be on the look out for his "Say What's Real" mixtape.

"My dreams they wait for me so trust I will be right above"

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sweezer B. 'IDGAF! (Prod. Beaker)'

Just saw this track and I had to see what it was about. I've never heard of the guy Sweezer B beforehand but what I can tell you about this song is that it's fresh. So I went and looked him up and I see he does have a nice fan base, and already dropped a tape called "The Ugly Troof" and one called "24 Hours Till Reality" which I'll download and check out and possibly post it up with a review of it for ya'll to read and download. I looked up some info on Sweezer B and he's a rapper out of the Minneapolis, Minnesota area (shoutouts to the Mid West), and is actually only a couple year older than me. He's been doing his thing on the mic at least since he was 14 years old which has given him plenty of time to work on his skills and create something the people will be craving for. The song 'IDGAF!' (you can guess what it stands for), has a hot beat and Sweezer drops some nice punchlines to create an amazing sounding track produced by Beaker. I'm deff gonna check out some more songs by him and I hope you guys do the same.

"I don't really give a F*** about your feelings, n****, my middle finger is vertical to the ceiling"

The Cool Kids 'Free Throws (Music Video)'

The dope fellas Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish aka The Cool Kids have finally dropped the long awaited music video for their song 'Free Throws' which was off of their "Merry Christmas" Mixtape that came out over a year ago or so. They did have a video where they were in the studio with legendary producer and DJ Don Cannon, recording the song, but there is now an official video for the song. The song is another one of those songs like 'Big Talk' or 'Pennies' that relates to basketball in some way, but the way they approach making a song, no matter the topic, is what really grabs me. They can rap pretty much about anything and make it hot because they always have a dope beat behind them, and they don't need to follow conventional paths on rapping about money, cars, women and everything else that has been filled in these mainstream lyrics nowadayz. The music video is just them straight up rapping, but shots of them around town (with Mikey rocking a Lakers beanie? oh geez), it kind of reminds me of a little home video type of thing with the guys in the snow and what have you. I feel like spending a day with these guys would be jam packed with fun, sneakers, and dropping dope rhymes.

*I did the edit on this picture so if you're gonna take it please credit the source, gracias*

"Yo girls tryin to pregame they all look thirsty. Purse full of hair cause she gotta get a sew in later on"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pac Div "Mania! (Mixtape)"

OMG, Hide your kids, and hide your wife, the Pac Div "Mania!" mixtape is here. I've been waiting for this to drop ever since they released 'Your F****** Song' and said that it would be apart of their upcoming mixtape. It's been kind of a cat and mouse game with the release, but I'm just relived it's here now. I knew they would drop it when I wasn't home, and rest assured it happened (lol). The mixtape is hosted by the legendary DJ/Producer Don Cannon who did great work on Asher Roth's "The Greenhouse Effect" (which is an all around dope mixtape might I add). I'm currently in the process of downloading the mixtape so I can only tell you all about the tracks I've heard so far which is 'Your F****** Song,' 'Anti-Freeze,' and 'Take Me High' which are all great singles in their own right. Each show off the many sides of the fellas of Pac Div and I'm sure that the rest of the songs on here continue to display their lyrical abilities. The mixtape includes features from Sir Michael Rocks (of The Cool Kids), Ty$, BJ The Chicago Kid, and Casey Veggies. I hope you all enjoy.

"Mania!" Tracklist/Back Cover

Lil Wayne '6 Foot 7 Foot (Feat. Cory Gunz) (Official Music Video)'

The long awaited music video for Wayne's first single from his release from prison, '6 Foot 7 Foot' has a dope beat and he does his thing on the song. One of my favorite Lil Wayne songs and there aren't many of those. I don't really feel Cory Gunz' part on the song, but some people say he went in harder than Lil Wayne, but it's your opinion. I've been waiting for the official video to drop, and I had no idea where he'd go with it, and now that I've seen it I feel like it was better off not to have done a video. The concept was horrible, it was just different clips of him acting out certain parts of the song. I'm not sure what the storyline was, the whole part with Wayne falling in the bathtub was weird. I'm just not feeling it, and Hype Williams is a legendary music video director/producer, but I don't know what he was trying to do with this. It just looks poorly made to me, it doesn't make me dislike the song just the video. I don't mean to bash the song, but that's my opinion so check out the video and let me know what you think.

"Real G's move in silence like lasagna"

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