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Monday, February 28, 2011

Willow Smith '21st Century Girl'

So Willow Smith, daughter of Will & Jada aka Miss Whip My Hair, has recently released a new track to feed her fans since the drop of the smash 'Whip My Hair.' The song is called '21st Century Girl' and after giving it a listen, I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it. Yes I know she's really young, and still probably finding herself in the music industry, but I'm not really feeling the techno-y type song she has here. The song '21st Century Girl' does match her personality, or the persona she wants to display with her different taste in fashion, and I believe it does describe what she is doing in life right now, however it is not something I'd bump on my iPod anytime soon. I'm not trying to bash the song, I mean it is something that I think the tweens and teens will enjoy (yes I am still a teenager as well), but me personally, I want a little bit more substance in the songs I listen to. Like I said before, with the right guidance she will definitely become a very great artist and when she finds her voice and style as she continues to grow, she will be a force in the music industry to reckon with. I might post a download link for the song later, but for now here's '21st Century Girl' and let me know what you think.

*update* Actually the song is supposed to officially drop on Oprah tomorrow (March 1st, 2011) and be on iTunes so I'll drop a download link to buy the song tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

J.Vill "40's & High Class Shorties (Mixtape)"

Chillin Villain's Premiere Artist J.Vill has just released his long awaited sophomore mixtape entitled "40's & High Class Shorties" for all you J.Vill fans desperately awaiting for new music, and those college kids needs new music for those on campus rage fests you throw every weekend. The tracks on this mixtape are meant to be played LOUD and partied even harder to, or maybe just burn this onto a CD and pop it into your car and just let the music take a hold of the car (lol no don't that's really dangerous lol). There are a lot of mixes on here that J.Vill takes his creative mind and just releases some dope rhymes onto these even crazier instrumentals. I've already put you guys onto a couple of J.Vill's songs and I HIGHLY recommend that you continue to check him out, and download this mixtape and play it non stop until he drops a CD or another mixtape to keep you all busy. I highly suggest you guys download 'Show Me Love (Afrojack)' because that one's like my new favorite song. Oh and tell your friends about him put on a song and watch them get hooked. Oh yea and Orange County STAND UP!

Clare Maguire 'I Need A Dollar (Live Acoustic Cover)'

I've heard the beat for this song 'I Need A Dollar' which I thought before was just something that a couple of DJ's came up with for Yelawolf to put in work over on a freestyle for that track, which I thought he killed. However, I've been seeing a few of these 'I Need A Dollar' freestyles which I thought they were just sampling the beat Yelawolf used or it was a completely different song. I was wrong and there is an original song called 'I Need A Dollar' by Aloe Blacc which apparently is the theme song for the show "How to Make it in America" which stars KiD CuDi (and a show that I've been meaning to check out). The original is a heart felt song that talks about how we all are in search of that dollar, or the riches in life, and how we try so hard to achieve such financial success yet don't realize what it does to the world around us. This cover is done by Clare Maguire live at "The Sun Biz Session" who does an amazing cover of Aloe Blacc's song, and the guy on the guitar and the other guy beatboxing make the song even better.

"Hey Hey, if god has plans for me i hope it aint written in stone
Hey Hey because i've been working working myself down to the bone
and i swear on grandpas grave I'll be paid when i come home"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kanye West 'All of the Lights (Official Video) (Feat. Rihanna & KiD CuDi)'

So finally a visual has been dropped for Kanye's song 'All of the Lights' which is off of his recent album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and as you can imagine it does have much lights related visuals. This version, the final album version features his labelmate KiD CuDi and Rihanna, and if you're wondering Drake's verse did get cut and was not added to the album version. Me personally, I happen to like the extened/remix version of the song that has not only Cudders and RiRi, but Elton John (My fave), The Dream, Fergie, John Legend, Ryan Leslie, Tony Williams, Charlie Wilson, Elly Jackson, and Alicia Keys which I like to refer to this remix featuring the most All Star cast for any song. The video though was interesting, not really what I expected from listening to the song, and then having your own version of a video in your head. The intro apparently is paying homage to another song (?) 'Enter the Void' with shots of a little girl walking alone on the streets of New York (I think), then the song starts up. The video was done by legendary music video director Hype Williams, and the visuals for the text are crazy with many different bright colors while Ye is doing his verse with other shots of what he's describing in his verse. All in all it's an alright video, not what I was expecting, but what are the odds of it being exactly what I'd envisioned?

Pulled Over By The Cops 'Authority (feat. Nate Santos) (Produced by Blended Babies)'

You may or may not have heard of the group Pulled Over By The Cops, but I know you do know the members of this super group. Essentially, a group of to be rap legends, The Cool Kids (Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish), Freddie Gibbs, Chip tha Ripper, and UGK member Bun B. To get these dope artists on one track is legendary, but for them to form a group, beyond legendary (not sure what other adjective I could have used there lol). The song 'Authority,' produced by Blended Babies who also did the production of the songs 'Fat Raps (remix)' and tracks by Pac Div and the Cold War Kids, teams up with Pulled Over By The Cops to create this old school sounded track. The song kind of reminds me of Quasimoto's 'Low Class Conspiracy' content wise in how the cops try to pull you over for something simple when there are bigger problems out there that they could be addressing. The beat is a problem, and the guys of Pulled Over did their thing on the track. "So don't even roll down the window wrong, or you'll be sittin in that cell wishin' your a** was at home"- Chuck Inglish

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tyler the Creator & Hodgy Beats 'Sandwitches (Live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)'

I possibly introduced you guys to a member of Odd Future, Tyler the Creator, with his song 'Yonkers' which will be featured on his upcoming tape "Goblins" and just last night/early this morning he was performing on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" along with another Odd Future member Hodgy Beats with the band The Roots doing the instrumentals. I couldn't stay up last night to watch the performance live, but I did just check it out and it is incredible. These guys bring the dopeness, originality and hype performances to live shows. They both brought the energy and the crowd was obviously into the song, and fans of Odd Future. The song 'Sandwiches' I believe is a new song that they dropped because I can't seem to find an unlive version of it yet, but I'll keep looking There is a non live full version of the song out, and it's something that you don't hear as much in the mainstream music. They keep it real on the song and spit some crazy stuff on the track. The Odd Future movement is blowing up and amazing success is coming their way very soon. I don't think I've seen a live performance as exciting and wild as this one which shows that they really are into the music they make. #FreeEarl

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Carlos St. John "12 Flights Up, A Short Story- Good Morning, Forever (Video #4)

It's been a week, and everyone's favorite day has arrived again: Carlos St. John Day. I've been anxiously waiting for this weeks installment of the video and was granted ability to peak at the video earlier today before it was dropped anywhere else, so thank you to Taylor and Carlos for that wonderful opportunity. See ya'll, it pays to be a Stock Holder. The video for this week uses the song, 'Good Morning, Forever' which honestly is a song I didn't like at first, but after playing it countless times in a row I feel like needs to be my alarm because it's such a great song to wake up to/listen to in the morning. The video picks up where the last one ended, and it's the day after the argument between Carlos and his girl. He's dressed (looking sharp as usual) and she's lying in bed and there is flashbacks of their night (a little explicit for you younger readers), and Carlos' face just looks like he's up to something which I'm guessing we'll find out in the next video. If you like the song then I HIGHLY suggest you download his mixtape "In Association" and become a Stock Holder today. They don't call him Brooklyn's James Bond for nothing.

Monday, February 14, 2011

BlameShift "The Black Rose (EP)"

So I've been a BlameShift fan for a few years now, ever since I came into contact with them on a social networking site for bands and fans to interact and what have you. They're a really awesome band and I fell in LOVE with their songs, 'f.a.k.e.,' 'War Within' and 'Saints and Sinners' which are off of their earlier albums "The Test" and their self-titled "BlameShift" album. I haven't heard anything from them in a hot minute, until I checked their page and saw that they posted some new stuff, and had/have an EP out called "The Black Rose." They teased us fans with a little snippet of the songs on it, and I was like I NEED these like ASAP, and I was able to receive this amazing EP from the cool peeps over at BlameShift. The 5 track EP, continues to display the bands talents, and their soon rise to fame with the gorgeous vocals of lead singer Jenny Mann, and Tim Barbour on the guitar and last, but not least James Miller intoxicating your ears with his drumming abilities. These guys are honestly the friendliest people/band EVER. I've been in contact with them off and on and they are so open, and love the support their fans give them, and definitely show that they appreciate this. Once again support BlameShift and get their FREE, yes I said FREE new EP "The Black Rose" today by liking them on Facebook. I honestly can't wait until they blow up big time.

Here's a taste of their new EP with the song 'One Chance.'

Sunday, February 13, 2011

X.O. 'Forever Young (Day 12)'

I've got another track from the guy X.O. who ripped it on that freestyle to Kanye's song 'Drive Slow' and has come back from his hiatus and is doing another like 30 day freestyle thingy with a new track every day, and this is his day 12 song. This time he goes in on Jay-Z's 'Forever Young' song and makes it his own. It still has that sentimental vibe to it where you just wanna listen to it and reflect on your life while listening to it. He uses it to reflect on his life and how long he's been in the rap game and his hopes for his future after his time in the music industry goes away. I highly suggest you guys take some time out of your busy days and check out what this guy has to offer to the music game. "Contrary to the fairy tale I live, I know, that we never live forever, yeah we all gotta go."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tyler the Creator 'Yonkers (Official Video)'

Wow I just checked out this song, and it's a simple video design, but it's so different and I don't wanna say out there but it's strange. It's just Tyler the Creator and he's spitting his rhymes and just his actions are different, he eats a cockroach and then throws it up, and at the end he hangs himself. I would NOT recommend this video for the younger audiences just to warn you guys, but his lyrical content is nice, except for his opening for his second verse. He doesn't seem that much older than me, but then again he could be younger. The song 'Yonkers' is filled with great metaphors that will get you thinking if you really sit there and listen to what he says in the song. I'm not all that sure what the title and the lyrical content have to do with eachother but there must be a reason for doing so. The video to me kind of makes me think he's trying to show off his different style that does not follow that of most mainstream artists and that he's bringing something different to the table. "I'm an overachiever, so how about I start a team of leaders and pick up Stevie Wonder to be the wide reciever"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alex Winston 'Sister Wife (Prod. by The Knocks & Charlie Hugall'

If you need some new Indie music, well look no further than 'Sister Wife' by Alex Winston. Someone told me about this song, and like 30 seconds into it, I just fell in love with it. Alex Winston has this unique almost folky kind of voice to her, and it's just something that I digg especially on this song. This is the title song off of her upcoming mini LP "Sister Wife" which drops sometime in March I believe. The instruments in the song accompanied by Alex's catchy vocals just add to the song and make it that much better. I'm still trying to piece together the meaning of the song, "Hey there sister wife, get the hell (hint?) that it's my life out it's my night, you don't know the way to his heart, like I do" which I'm assuming means there is someone getting in the way of their relationship, and Alex telling her that she doesn't know how to treat him so pretty much just back off. Whether or not I'm right with the definition, it does not take away from the overall amazingness of this song.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gilbere Forte 'The Exports (feat. Emilio Rojas, Reek Da Villain, Murda Mook & Joell Ortiz)'

This track is raw. It has this old school type of flow, and every rapper on the song brings something to the table and tells some type of story through their rhymes. The chorus is amazing, "I say life will never fold (fall?), so please don't worry" which is something that everyone can take and use for everyday life. The punch lines in this song are amazing, it's just an all star cast for a blockbuster film only it's with rappers and music. Gilbere Forte proves his talent on the mic in this song 'The Exports.' I honestly can't stop listening to it, and just this combination of rappers, Emilio Rojas (who I can't get enough of ever since his H.A.M. freestyle), Joell Ortiz, Reek Da Villain, and Murda Mook (who I first heard of on his freestyle at the URL Cypher). "We all bleed all I fear is karma"- Joell Ortiz

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carlos St. John "12 Flights Up, A Short Story- Ticker Tape Parade (Video #3)"

One word: Boss. Carlos St. John is just an all around boss. The way he cut that cigar, the way he lit that match, just everything about him is boss. The third installment of his series, "12 Flights Up, A Short Story" uses the song 'Ticker Tape Parade,' which is one of my personal faves by him, as the background music in this video. It continues on with Carlos and his girl riding in the car arguing, and she's getting upset and crying, while he's sitting there with a smirk on his face. He's clearly up to something, and the song goes perfectly with the video because as they get that shot with him alone in the city, the lines go, "See none of that don't matter, cause I'm a diamond baby." Every video makes me just wanna meet Carlos St. John or even just go to a concert of his and enjoy that St. John Experience live.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday: J-Dilla "Still Shining (Documentary)"

For those of you that don't know, but today Febuary 7th, is the birthday of the late great hip hop genius James Dewitt Yancey also known as J-Dilla and one half of the group Jaylib. He would have been 37 today and even though he's gone his music still plays a great role in music today and his samples are often reused by many artists. I, myself was first introduced to J-Dilla through Jaylib and their song 'The Red' which I got off of the "Tony Hawk's Project 8" soundtrack, and later went out and bought their album, "Champion Sound" which is full of dope tracks, and you can tell Madlib and J-Dilla had fun on the collaboration through their little skits, and advertisements at the end of some songs. I hope those of you who know who J-Dilla is will continue to support his music, and for those of you that are unaware of J-Dilla and his musical talents will go out and take a listen to some of the stuff he's put together. For everyone, here's the documentary that was released today in honor of his birthday. It was created around the time of Dilla's funeral in 2006, and was finished some time after in the same year. I hope you all enjoy "Still Shining."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

T-Pain 'Motivated (feat. Case)' [Motivated Contest]

If you haven't heard, T-Pain has/had not sure if it's still going on, but there's this contest he put out for people to spit a verse to his unfinished song 'Motivated' and if you win the contest then he'll feature you on his upcoming mixtape or album something along those lines. I haven't really been paying much attention to this contest, until now. I stumbled upon this guy by the name of Case and heard his remix to the song, and I think you all should hear what he offered to the song. The song 'Motivated' itself sounds great, and I honestly can't wait to hear the finished version, and hopefully Case will be the guy featured on that track. He's an up and coming rapper out the Canada, and a self proclaimed photographer, rapper, singer and producer. Don't sleep on this kid or you'll miss his name up in lights.

Friday, February 4, 2011

KiD CuDi 'Ghost (Unofficial Official Video)'

KiD CuDi just linked this on his facebook page, and I just had to check it out. Another music video for a song off of his latest cd "Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager," and even though this one is "unofficial" it is something to hold all CuDi fans over until the HIGHLY anticipated video for 'Maniac' directed by none other than Shia Lebeouf drops which I hope is soon. The 'Ghost' video does NOT have CuDi in it, atleast not that I see, but an actor playing CuDi or acting out the song, which ever one you like better. It kind of reminds me of the 'Simple As' video which I'm not too sure if CuDi had anything to do with or just a fan or someone put it together because of it's old like 70s kind of vibe to it. Hey, maybe it's the lighting or something, but it, not to sound so cliché, but "paints the picture of the song to a T" and shows the meaning of the song in a more visual concept. Kudos to Steve-Ography for directing this and CuDi putting it out to his fans.

L.E.P. Bogus Boys & The Cool Kids 'Countin' My Money (Music Video)'

I've been searching a little for some new Cool Kids stuff and I have been able to feed my Cool Kids hunger with this new video of L.E.P. Bogus Boys featuring the Cool Kids on a track called 'Countin' My Money.' I haven't heard of the Bogus Boys before, but they have that kind of old school kind of vibe to their raps similar to the Cool Kids but a little bit more hyped when they rhyme. The song displays the talents of Mikey & Chuck of the Cool Kids and the guys over at L.E.P. with some hot bars, and lines you'll deff wanna start using on a day to day basis. I'm actually surprised I don't see any Chicago Bulls gear on Chuck Inglish or Sir Michael Rocks in this video, Chuck is actually sporting a Pistons jacket in this one and Mikey has on a Dodgers fitted, but I mean after seeing the 'Big Talk' video I guess I just expect them to have on Bulls gear all the time. This song is off of L.E.P.'s "Don't Feed The Killaz Vol. 3" so go on a cop that if you like what you hear on this.

Download "Don't Feed the Killaz Vol. 3" Here

"Most of ya'll chase sacks like Warren Sapp"- Mikey Rocks

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Carlos St. John "12 Flights Up, A Short Story (Video #2)"

The "12 Flights Up, A Short Story" web series by Carlos St. John is continuing where the first video left off. In this one, the video is accomponied by the song 'Hands' off of Carlos' "In Association" mixtape and the drama is crazy. The video shows Carlos' girl coming home and an argument ensues between the two. I honestly can't wait for the next video to see what happens next, but rewatching the first video and this one should be able to keep me over until next Tuesday.
Honestly I thought he was gonna hit her in the video after he put the gloves on lol, maybe that's just me, but it seemed to cool over at the end when they're holding hands.

Pac Div 'Take Me High'

Pac Div is in full force right now with their mixtape coming out soon, still no date for that I think, but no worries the endless supply of music is there for those anticipating "Maniac!" to drop. 'Take Me High' is another track that will be featured on the mixtape that has this more slow dance, like old school R&B kind of instrumental to it with the guys of Pac Div rapping over it to their special ladies. The school has sex written all over it yet the beat will lead you thinking it's something smooth and nice for the ladies. However when you listen to the lyrics they really go in on some of the ladies on this track and how they "go in on the ladies, right after I kush" so if you catch my drift you'll understand the song more. Oh and there's also a trailer video for their mixtape "Maniac!" which I'll post in a few so stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hathbanger 'Deadly Combination (Tupac, Big L & Notorious B.I.G. Remix)'

I just found this like an hour or so ago, and I honestly can't stop playing it. It's the song 'Deadly Combination' by Tupac and Big L (not sure if they actually did the track together or if it was just blended), and the Notorious B.I.G. over a sick mix put together by Hathbanger. I've never heard the original song before, but this remix will leave you coming back for more. Tupac and Biggie Smalls both well known rappers from opposite ends of the US who were integral parts in the rap game and influenced a LARGE majority of those in the music industry now. Big L who I was introduced to by my brother is another rapper who had an amazing talent on the microphone and who's talents are not as appreciated as some other artists today. This mixes so well with the song and it's something that more people need to know about. If I can find a download for this song I will update this post and add it for ya'll.

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