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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

David Guetta

David Guetta is that guy. He's just producing hit record after hit record with EVERYBODY. I was first put on him either when I heard 'When Love Takes Over' featuring Kelly Rowland or when I heard 'Memories' featuring KiD CuDi, either way he's still amazing. I'm just cruising around on YouTube and I found this new track by him featuring Kelis called 'Scream and Shout.' I could deff hear this being played on the radio, so when it blows up, know that you heard it hear first lolz...Well after looking it up this song's been out since atleast January but shhhhhh no one has to know lol.

Here's 'Scream and Shout'

The Record Life

So I thought I'd switch it up with the genre of music (no I'm not trying to be appealing to the masses, but just to show the range and variety of my taste in music). His name is Jakob or Jake and he goes by The Record Life and he has SUCH A BEAUTIFUL VOICE. I've been on him for about a year now and I just keep coming back to his song 'Not the Same.' The instruments blend so perfectly and his vocals really bring the song to life. Let me know what you think.

Grrr unfortunately I can't embed the video from YouTube onto here so, no worries here's another song by The Record Life called 'Step On Your Own.'

Lupe Fiasco, Papoose, and Styles P Cipher

Old, but still hot. All three of them killed it, this is real hip hop right here.

Throwback Video

Whoooo remembers the 'Ante Up (remix)' by M.O.P. featuring Busta Rhymes and Remy Martin???? That right there is my JAMMMMM, if you wanna just get hype and go crazy listen to this song. Best Quality I found.

Drive Slow Freestyle

So i know i posted the 'Drive Slow' video in my last post, but i really wanted to find someone who just ripped this beat, and I think I've found a taker lolz. His name is X.O. (i think from BlackStreet, but as usual, I don't know lolz smhh forget that I just did a little research [go me] and he's signed to Black Wall Street Records [i was close...sort of lol]) but he stuck to the flow of the original song and made it his own.

Drive Slow

'Drive Slow' a beautiful collab between Kanye West, Paul Wall, GLC, and T.I. off of Kanye's "Late Registration" album. The song is just something anybody can ride to, like I can just picture myself just cruising with this song playing in the background. If you don't know about 'Drive Slow' then let me put you on.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Typical Cats

Typical Cats, the first time I heard them was while playing Tony Hawk's Project 8 on my PSP lolz and I just fell in love with the song. Like I customized the playlist to take off all the songs I didn't want to hear and you already know that 'Any Day' made the cut. The lyrics are just so real with a simple yet powerful chorus. It's more of a story being told which really attracts me to the song, hip hop at its finest right here. What really shocked me about the group was the diversity amongst the artist who make up Typical Cats. Each guy has a flow thats unmatchable when they get on the mic. I don't know why I hadn't shared this song earlier, but here is Typical Cats with 'Any Day.'


I got this song off of the "Skate Property The Official DGK Mixtape - 28 grams" off of Stevie Williams' myspace [not there anymore tho :(] and it's just jam packed with a lot of songs that you may have heard or weren't out there (? like on the radio, cds stuff like that lolz) but the song is called 'Grimey' by G-Unit aka 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. It was supposed to be on the "Blood in a Gangsta's Grill" mixtape which was never released I'm reading. Not too many know about the song, but if you down with G-Unit and like their music, check this one out. Oh and FYI if you're downloading it, it's called Track4 cause when i downloaded the mixtape it didn't give me the song titles so...bear with me lol, you can change it if you like or whatever. Oh and let me know who you think had the best versee, personally I think well idk they all ripped it but I often quote (in my head lolz) Tony Yayo's part a lot.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Asher Roth

Asher Roth, most of ya'll know him as "Mr. I Love College" but for those who know more songs than that, here's another great track that displays Roth's credible talents. I got it like earlier this month? (maybe) but the song's been out for a while now I believe, but still for those who've never heard it before it's like brand new right? (yeahhh). Check out Asher Roth's 'Rick Smits'

Woahh just double checked and this joint is time stamped in 2009 :D lolz madd old but new to me and you, sounds good? lol

Artists on Demand: MENYA

I just got word of this, Menya will be featured on BlogTalkRadio tonight for an hour which started at 10 p.m. Eastern so tune in. Menya deff deserves this and be sure to call in/ask questions and just enjoy their music :D.

Lil Scrappy 'Suicide' Music Video

I told you guys about Lil Scrappy's new song 'Suicide' a couple days ago, well here's the official music video. This'll be my first time watching it after I post this so idk what to think about it, I just know what the song sounds like so leave your comments after you watch. Suicide the Official Music Video by Lil Scrappy.

Who Remembers: Little Jackie

I LOVE ME SOME LITTLE JACKIE lol, but for real how can you forget/not have heard about them? 'The World Should Revolve Around Me' was out a few years back and was even featured on New York (of the Flavor of Love fame) Goes to Hollywood and the group (Imani Coppola and Adam Pallin) was in an episode??? sheesh come on guys get with the times. Well I'm here to bring/put you on one of my FAVORITE (a lot of caps in this post today lolz) songs by them. Oh and FYI they have some new music coming out soon (YESS) so while you're waiting check out their album "The Stoop" and buy it on iTunes or buy a copy at your local record shop (?).

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Public Enemy

You already know you gotta have some Public Enemy if you a hip hop head. Not a new 2010 song, but 08 is still pretty recent (right?). Well the songs called 'Harder Than You Think' and I first heard it off the Skate 2 soundtrack :) (goo video games). Check it out ya'll.

LA Symphony

L.A. Symphony a quintet(maybee? lolz well there are 5 people in the group so deal with it lol) out of non other than Los Angeles representing that real music from the streets of L.A. not just that hardcore gang affiliated, money, cars and clothes music that most people associate LA with. I first heard of these guys while playing Tony Hawk's Underground (T.H.U.G babyyy) for GameCube and just fell in love with their song 'King Kong.' The beat is real and the verses are unforgettable something like Dead Prez's 'Hip Hop.'

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rock City

I was put on this song by one of my favorite peoples in the world (you know who you are lolz) and he told me about these guys along with this Bei Maejor (i literally have to sing his name in order to spell it correctly) (which i might post laters? maybeee), but the song is called, 'People Kill People' which is about how the use of guns are so widespread and people are just ending up dead everyday by this reggae duo who call themselves Rock City. I don't know much about the group (as usual) but this song does have a meaning which we all need to listen to and I like the beat. Listen and let me know if you like it or not.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crooked I

Crooked I, don't know too much about him, but what I do know from listening to a few of his freestyles is that he keeps it real. He doesn't need to rap about money, cars, women and all that in his music, he raps about whats real and his life. I loved his fireflies freestyle (which i might just post for ya'll) and here he comes with a brand new freestyle to I'm assuming (not really sure) Drake's 'Light Up' song (?). He talks about politics, the mosque potentially being built near Ground Zero, racism even with a Black President which rappers don't talk about. It's sort of Immortal Techniquish the way he spits in this song (content wise I mean). I like it and hopefully you all will too. Here it is 'Light Up.'

Method Man, Redman, Ghostface and Raekwon on the SAME TRACK???

This isn't a new song, it's back from 2009, but I only saw two youtube videos with the song so not too many people know about it, but the song is called '4 Minutes to Lockdown' by Method Man & Redman featuring Ghostface and Raekwon. No idea if this was released on an album or not, but this song SCREAMS REAL HIP-HOP, not this mainstream stuff you hear on the radio. The beat is crazy hot, and the verses just make the song even more (if that made sense? lol). This is the Hip Hop i wanna hear. Listen and Love it.

Lil Scrappy

I'm sorry I'm a little late on this ya'll, my fault. I posted this on TheChillinVillains.com yesterday cause I was still a little indecisive of the song in general. But (shouldn't start a sentence with a conjuction, but bear with me) after listening to it A LOT last night and today I think it's ready to be posted (yesss). The song is called 'Suicide' by Lil Scrappy and i believe it's off of his upcoming mixtape entitled, "Suicide" also. Like I said before I love the chorus and beat, but I don't see too many relations between the verses and the chorus, but hey thats for you to decide and just my opinion. Here it is, take a listen and let me know what you think.

URL Cypher

I found this a while ago and it's just an all around crazy cypher with Arsonal, Murda Mook and Iron Solomon all doing their thing over 50 Cents 'Whip Ya Head' beat. Straight crazy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Time Has Come...

So the time has come to discuss the results of my Most Underrated Rapper poll. First off let's just clarify what I meant by "most underrated." What I meant was an artist who you think should be played more often on the radio, receive more exposure ie promos for music videos, receiving more awards, etc. The choices I put up were Wale, KiD CuDi, Wiz Khalifa, and Lupe Fiasco, those are artists who I think have strong fan bases and should receive more mainstream shine than they are given.

The winner of the poll was Lupe Fiasco with 93 of the 231 votes. Lupe is a very lyrical artist who spits the truth and received much shine with Kick Push, but hasn't really earned the same spotlight since (totally just my opnion). He did remix Rick Ross' 'BMF' song with his own twist to it which puts the song in a different light. He dropped a new mixtape last year (i believe) and has another one dropping very soon. Hopefully he can regain that mainstream status without having to change his style up.

The second place artist is my man KiD CuDi. CuDi dropped on the mainstream scene with his song 'Day N Nite' and stayed in the spotlight for quite some time for the track. He gained many fans with the song (like myself) and those who continued to bump CuDi while he was away from the radio with his 3 official mixtapes to give his fans before his long awaited album, Man on the Moon dropped last year. Sure he's had more well known songs like Pursuit of Happiness since, but nothing really to stick. I, myself think CuDi deserves MUCH MORE attention than he's getting right now, but I just hope that he doesn't switch up his music cause he's perfect the way he is.

To Wale and Wiz, both have a lot of fans and I wish the best for ya'll and hopefully receive the shine your fans want ya'll to have.

Hard in da Paint Parody

Sooo just for a little humor I'm gonna put this vid up, it's of this guy he calls himself, Para-Deez (get it? lol) and he did a little parody of Waka Flocka Flame's 'Hard in Da Paint' called 'Hard When I Paint.' The song's HI-LARIOUS lol i found it on WorldStarHipHop so kudos for them for putting it up. Enjoy ya'll.

Me + Chillin Villians = CRAZY AWESOMENESS

So I've been in contact recently with the CEO and Founder of TheChillinVillians.com and we have finally (it took like the whole weekend until today lolz) teamed up and I am now apart of the stellar (i LOVE saying that word lol) blog over there. It's kinda like mines, with all the new music updates, there's a tour being planned (not totally sure) for this fall, and a oodles of other stuff going on. But have no fear, your beloved Brat will still be here doing her blog thang. So be sure to keep checking me out over here and check out Chillin Villians.

Check Out The Chillin Villians Website


"With the strength of our love, We can't go nowhere but up"- Justin Bieber

Speaking of Justin, I bought his My World 2.0 album (GOO ME :D) and I'll rate it, discuss it all that good stuff later tonight


So I'm just cruisin on the Internet doing my thing, looking for new music, as I always do (lol), and I come across this freestyle by Wale over Gyptian's 'Hold Yuh' beat. I'm not sure how I personally feel about it cause I'm not a Wale fan (i'm sorry), but here it is from me to you :P

Hold Yuh freestyle

Doujah Raze

I just found this song while listening to my iTunes on shuffle and it's a song called 'Fahrenheit' by Doujah Raze featuring AG & Sean Price. I don't know anything about these dudes, but what I do know is that they made an awesome song together, it's off of the Hip-Hop Docktrine - The Official Boondocks Mixtape. This mixtape/all the official Boondocks mixtapes are straight fire, a lot of old school/underground stuff people have never heard before. I'm deff gonna look up more stuff from these guys.

Stellar Dexterz

The Stellar Dexterz are a stellar hip hop group mixed with 80s sound/style consisting of two FINEEE gentleman who go by HBK (heartbreak kid) and Jerzy Rocz (aka J-Roc) out of the Orlando, Florida area. I was introduced to them by them actually (ha ha) and might i say they have a style unmatched in today's mainstream music. Their style reminds you of the days of old-school hip hop which is something you don't hear to often. If you're open to different types of music then I HIGHLY recommend the Stellar Dexterz to you, they're working on some new music (which I'm super excited about hearing J-ROC lol) They've dropped an album called "Weird Science" in 2008 and have a few tracks on their Purevolume account where you can download and listen for free :D (i'll throw up the link later in the post). I'll throw up a pic of them in another post, but here's their music video for their song "Cold Chillin"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Noisettes

I've seen this cover a while back and had it bookmarked before my harddrive crashed, but it's a beautiful cover of The Killers' 'When You Were Young' by the Noisettes. Lead singer Shingai Shoniwa really turns this Killers song into a soulful ballad of her own. I like both versions of the song, but this one brings different and more heart warming emotions I think. Kudos to the Noisettes for this lovely cover on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. Enjoy and be sure to check out more of The Noisettes' music.

I got a job, like everyone with black faces gotta rob. (Right)

The song, 'Piglets' by Guilty Simpson, well the original song is called 'Pigs' but the version I'm referring to is the Oh No remix from the Skate 2 soundtrack. It's a song about the "pigs" or the cops and their treatment of African-Americans. It's a great take on some of the misjustices i'll call it between the cops and Blacks. Now don't get me wrong I'm not trying to start a race war or start a huge argument about it, but just listen to the song. I can't find a version without the edited lyrics but this one still gets the point across, for the most part.

"Put your hands on the wall.
They want us behind bars for life,
And won't grant your rights to call your wife.
Like FREEZE! (Pig)
Nope, my word is law." Courtesy of sweetslyrics.com

Erase Me Itunes Link

So the day has finally come in which Erase Me (CuDi's first single off of Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager) has been sent to iTunes. However, I've read some mixed comments about the song, people are saying CuDi has finally went mainstream on us, but I think otherwise, but hey everyone's entitled to their own opinion, right? Download and Support CuDi and buy the song on iTunes.

Download from iTunes US
and for my Canadians

Toki Wright

So i'm just crusin around on YouTube and i found this video of this guy named Toki Wright and his song 'More Fiya' i like it, it kinda reminds me of Busta Rhymes' 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See' and NO it's not cause they both have dreads. Here's the video, let me know what you think. I'm gonna listen to more of his songs and see how i feel about him.

Hard in Da Paint

ahahahaha so Carlos St. John spit over Flocka's 'Hard in Da Paint' beat and created a beautiful track that goes hard in the paint lol. My favorite line, "My n***** gang bang, and I ain't talkin group scenes" (WHAT?!) This dude is out of control. Stop playing people and check this dude out.
Follow Carlos St. John on Twitter
Listen to it here

Monday, August 23, 2010

Erase Me on Itunes Tomorrow!!!

So the song i posted about earlier, 'Erase Me' by KiD CuDi featuring Kanye West is going to be available for download from iTunes tomorrow :DDDD so be on the lookout for that ya'll and support Cudders. 'Erase Me' will be the first single off of CuDi's second album, Man on the Moon 2. I know this isn't the "official" picture for the song, but i found it and thought it was a stellar promo for the song. I'll put a link up when it comes available tomorrow.

Chae Hawk

Chae Hawk, a rapper from the Buffalo, NY area who I've been listening to for about a year now. His style? all about his Nike's, chewin on some sour patches and rockin his jeans (you can hear about this in Nikes Ooh). Chae is an artist that you should be on the lookout for, he's already dropped 3 mixtapes so far which all include dope bangers. I feel like he'd be a great artist to listen to while skating (just in my opinion).

Download his mixtapes here.
Chae's Myspace

Check out his song 'Nikes Ooh' off his Dreamin Wit Eyes Open Mixtape (it's a little old but it's just a taste of what he's got)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eminem, Percee P, and Fat Joe...Say What?!

Lol at my post title, but yea it's an old freestyle with Em, Joey Crack and Percee P from back in the day. I found it whilst searching for Eminem freestyles (i think) but yea check it out.
P.S. personally i thought Em straight killed it. this is the Eminem i love

Chiddy Bang/Xaphoon Jones/Carlos St. John AND MORE

So I've been put on that the INCREDIBLE Chiddy Bang will be performing at the Highline Ballroom in New York City this upcoming Tuesday August 24th. It's apart of The Swelly Life Tour with an official afterparty including Carlos St. John who i posted about earlier. I KNOW this is gonna be a bomb concert and an even more incredible after party. If you're in the NY area see if you can get in (I heard the shows sold out but idk about the after party tho). I know i'd go if i could. Official Tour on the Left, Afterparty info on the right

Theophilus London

Theophilus London, i'm assuming he's been on the seen atleast 2 years now, but me (as usual) found him just the other day lol. But no laughing matter here, Theophilus London is a force to be reckoned with. He's Electro-Hip Hop, which pretty much means he blends electo blends with hip hop to create pure bliss. It's a style I'd admit isn't for everyone, but me likes, i suppose you can say you have to have an acquired taste for it? So far I'm diggin every track I've heard so far, and I downloaded his mixtape, 'This Charming Mixtape' but i haven't gone through every track yet but have no fear I will post the link to the mixtape on the right sidebar. you're welcome :) But for your ears i will post a video of his song Sand Castles featuring Solange Knowles.

Yo, you not as cold as me...

I've been listening to this freestyle, well a couple of freestyles mixted together over Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' beat by Immortal Technique. Some of the CRAZIEST lines dropped on this.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Music to me

Music is an outlet, for me especially. i can listen to it when i'm happy, sad, before a game and depending on what type, when i'm reading a book. I'm into Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Grunge, Rock, and some Country ( i do enjoy a little Rascal Flatts). But i don't tend to "like" the same type of music played mainstream on the radio as everyone else. I like music thats more than a catchy hook that downgrades women and being rich and flashy. Sure thats some of the stuff thats played more often when it comes to Rap music and i might give in and play a song along those themes, but i don't often gravitate towards it when i'm listening to music. The same can be said about Pop/Rock music. I'm not one to hop on a popular artist like, 'OMG i love her/him' just cause they're the hottest thing out right now. So i guess thats a little of me for the moment. Follow up posts to come laterz i suppose.

Erase Me

KiD CuDi has brought us yet another banger called 'Erase Me' with Kanye West. I've had the song on my iTunes (downloaded from DatNewCudi.com) for quite some time, but i hadn't listened to it until late yesterday night. The song is INCREDIBLE, it kinda reminds me of Weezer's 'Buddy Holly,' and very addicting (i can't stop listening to it). CuDi spits in the second verse,
"It's like I'm her new nightmare, she ain't escaping
It makes me feel a bit complete, yeah
Knowing someone you love don't feel the same way about ya
Memories they soon delete, hmmm"

Get it now? Erase me? just listen

Thursday, August 19, 2010

All Summer

So Converse got KiD CuDi, Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend together to create a song called 'All Summer.' I read about this on my fave CuDi fansite, DatNewCudi.com but i chose not to download at the time, but today 'All Summer' and i crossed paths and i just HAD to check it out. IMHO(in my humble opinion) this song is/should be the theme of the Summer. Cudi's verses fit beautifully with the the chorus and guitar and drums played out by Rostam and Bethany. Once you start listening, you won't wanna stop.

All Summer

The Prayer

"And if I die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take
But please don't cry, just know that I have made these songs for you
And if I die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take
'cuz I'm ready for a funeral
"- KiD CuDi


Grieves, you might have heard of him, but for those of you who haven't he's a lyricist as I'd like to describe what he does. His music will give you chills on the deepness of his lyrics, he's not one of those mainstream artists who look to degrade women and be flashy, he's just himself. I also recommend listening to his songs, 'Rebecca' and 'He Wont Answer' off his Irreversible album.


Menya a super talented group consisting of members, Good Goose, Angie Ripe, and Coco Dame who all attend NYU together. I was introduced to them from another website about lets say a year ago(?) sure. They're mad cool peeps and uber (yea i said it) friendly. They're just like a laid back, and mad fun group who makes good music. Some of their music, 'Ripe,' 'Outside of You,' 'Diana' and the cover flip of Justin Bieber's 'Baby' so cleverly titled, 'Babies' are all different tastes of what you can get of Menya. They dropped a Mixtape entitled 'The Sleepover Series' which i put on the right sidebar (and if you click on the cover it sends you to a link where you can download it o_o<--i have NO idea what that face makes but i wanted to use it lol). They've also released two EPs "The Ol' Reach-Around" and "Puss Coital" which are both on iTunes (buy and SUPPORT!!!) And the video is a cover of the Supreme's 'You Can't Hurry Love'

P.S. I'm still waiting for ya'll to make a video for Ripe :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dope Throwback Freestyle

A sweet throwback freestyle i just stumbled onto the other day between Eminem and the late Proof (R.I.P.).


Thesis, a rapper out of Connecticut with an old school vibe to him looks to bring back that real hip hop sound back. His rhymes are fresh and are very promising. His mixtape 'Delirium' should be dropping later this august so be on the look out. Check out his song 'Settle Down' which samples A Tribe Called Quests' "Electric Relaxation" beat.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

James Cruz

James Cruz, Song writer,Singer/Rap Artist/Model. Next Big Artist? Check out his Guess Who freestyle and you decide.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Who are M.A.C.? Well they're the Most Anticipated Crew or Mike, Aziz and Chris. A group of prep school rappers out of the New Hampshire and Boston area, with a unique hip hop sound. The chorus to their song, 'Tic Tac Toe' is not only catchy but proves these guys have somethin to prove. Sure they've got some more work to do but they come out hard with 'Tic Tac Toe.' Look for they're highly anticipated (by me atleast) mixtape WeAreMAC to drop 10/10/10.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pursuit of Happiness Cover by Lissie

just saw this on CuDi's blog, and wow I'm impressed. Very awesome cover

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Carlos St. John

Model/Rapper who i stumbled upon yesterday and I am feeling his style. He uses many band instruments in his beats which give it a more authenticy kind of feel, and unlike most rap nowadayz it isn't about gettin women, money, cars and clothes. He's another artist that gives hip hop hope.

Download "The St. John Portfolio" here

"Breathe Again

Chiddy Bang 'Under the Sheets'

I heard of this dude while cruisin with one of my friends, and I must say I was blown away. Opposite of Adults is already getting mainstream play with a video already out, but i had to dig deeper and see if he was more than a one hit wonder. His mixtape, "Air Swell" is a mini mixtape with only 7 tracks including the intro, every song is hot. I can see these two guys blowing up like they should by the end of the year.

Download 'Under the Sheets' off their Air Swell mixtape.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Simple As..

CuDi is definitely one of THE most underrated artists out right now. Having released 3 official (?) mixtapes before dropping his album, Man on the Moon, his songs are appealing to all types of people. These two songs, Highs N Lows and Simple As, are examples of his versatility as a rapper.

Simple As

Highs N Lows

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