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Thursday, April 26, 2012

KiD CuDi 'Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of This Whiskey!"

Yes, Yes, yes yes YESSSSSS. Some new new KiD CuDi. I still haven't had the chance to cop "WZRD," Cudders' Rock album with Dot Da Genius (and I've also been holding off listening to tracks from the album until I actually go out and buy it). So pretty much I've been kicking it with some old CuDi just waiting on him to drop some new rap music, and I saw at one of his shows he dropped a sweet little freestyle, proceeded to hint at new music on his twitter account, and bam bam bam here it is. This sweet track is entitled, "Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of This Whiskey!" which is something that KiD CuDi himself has produced since his 'Super Boo' track a while back. I'm definitely digging the beat, it has some 'Ghost' undertones to it with a little guitar with it (I just read his tweet that he reversed 'Ghost' and then added guitar and drums to the beat), and CuDi continues to prove to his fans that he still has it. I definitely needed this to hold me over for Man on the Moon III, so from CuDi to me to you, here's 'Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of This Whiskey!" 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Soulja Boy 'Say She Luv Me (feat. Chief Keef)'

I know you're probably looking at the title like "Soulja Boy?" and it's only because it's his song, but he only spits one verse and gets obliterated on the track by newcomer Chief Keef. As of late, Keef has been my new favorite artist, and after hearing his "I Don't Like" song (featuring Lil Reese) I just had to hear more from him. Maybe it's the fact that Keef is fairly young (I was told like 17), from the Midwest area (Chicago to be exact) and he's just so gritty on the mic that attracts me to his music. I've heard comparisons to Lil B and Waka Flocka in terms of Keef's music, and I just think he's his own person with his own style. I saw an interview somebody did with Chief Keef and he seems not shy, but he's not an attention seeker. He's not doing this for the fame, and it seems like he doesn't like it when people run up to him in public places asking for pictures and what not. I just wish him the best and I hope he keeps bringing the heat and banging out some dope music. Oh and he and Riff Raff are working on a music video coming out sometime next week I believe.

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