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Friday, August 24, 2012

Eblis the Persian Dolphin

Shoutouts to Eblis, the Persian Dolphin, for sending me his music a while back, and I owe you an apology for waiting so long to post your stuff. I've been super lazy about updating this, but I checked out that youtube and I love it. I'm still going through all the songs to figure out which one is my favorite, but all the beats are incredible. They're just so easy to get lost in, and you just sit there listening to the sounds and you have to listen to another and another and another one. A little about Eblis, he is a 16 year old out of the Seattle, Washington area trying to get his music out to a wider listening group. Most of his songs are beats/instrumentals without someone singing or rapping over them to give off that lost in thought kind of vibe I was describing. He is also apart of a group STK (Star Trek) made up of photographers, editors, etc. I seriously look forward to hearing more of your music, and if there's a download link or mixtape I'll definitely post it so everyone can have a little Eblis on their playlists.

Get to Know Eblis
Eblis YouTube Channel

"The Things I Do For Hate"

"Red Baron"

Monday, August 13, 2012

KiD CuDi 'Just What IAm (feat. King Chip)(Prod. KiD CuDi)'

Just what you need. Some new KiD CuDi to start off this beautiful week. I haven't heard any new music from my guy Cudders in a minute now (last thing I had was ('Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of This Whiskey'). He is currently working on his new hip hop/rap album, "Indicud"which by the sound of 'Just What IAm' it will surely be a classic. Shoutouts to the artist formerly known as Chip Tha Ripper, King Chip, for providing an amazing feature on this track. This is just something you can truly rage to and I love that CuDi doesn't fail to give his fans and himself something that we'll all love. CuDi tweeted that he'll be dropping some tracks from the upcoming album in the coming weeks, so I look forward to hearing some more songs he has in store for us. 

Download 'Just What IAm' Here
Follow KiD CuDi on Twitter

"I wanna get high y’all, I wanna get high y’all, need it need it to get by y’all, can you get me high y’all."

Friday, July 6, 2012


Oh yes, some new music by two of my current favorite up and coming artists right now, Robb Bank$ (Calendar$ is dead), and SPACEGHOSTPURRP. If you don't know anything about Bank$ and/or are digging this track and what to hear more from him please check out the his "Calendar$" mixtape, and you may or may not have heard of SPACEGHOSTPURRP through the whole A$AP Rocky/SPACEGHOSTPURRP beef that is going on right now. I don't know the whole deal about what's going on, but I do know that PURRP is doing his thing on the beats and on the vocals. These two tweeted about a track they did together/were in the process of doing and I am excited about what came about with 'Like That.' Bank$ has been somewhat MIA from the music scene since "Calendar$" dropped and does have a new project in the works, and you already know PURRP has been doing his thing production wise and making a name for himself. I'm looking for more Bank$/RVDXR KLVN collaborations in the future, until then, enjoy 'Like That.' Look out for YOTS (Year of the Savage) in the future.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Soulja Boy & Waka Flocka 'Ridin Around (Prod. by Young Chop)'

Not usually what I am to post, but this song is too hot for ya'll not to know about. New music from Waka Flocka and Soulja Boy called 'Ridin Around' produced by Young Chop aka the mastermind behind the ORIGINAL 'I Don't Like' track by Chief Keef & Lil Reese. Not only am I feeling the beat (the beginning actually reminds me of the intro to 'I Don't Like'), but both Flocka and dare I say it, Soulja Boy went all the way in on this song. I read someone speculate it must be because of members of GBE (the crew/group Chief Keef is associated with) who Soulja has been listening to/doing music with influencing his flow and delivery. Either way, I can dig it compared to his trashed out freestyles/verses he constantly puts out. This is a 1000x better than like 90% of his mixtapes and videos. There's also another version of this song called 'Extendos' featuring the Game. I haven't heard that version and I don't think I really need to, this song is fire already and I don't need the Game to extinguish the flame.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chris Brown's Very 1st Track (call him C-Cyzle)

This was Chris Brown's very first track he recorded back when he was in high school and boy oh boy did he come a very long way from these days. Thankfully he can get his hands on much better beats and his vocals have developed a whole lot more from his earlier days. Just a bit of a throwback for you Chris Brown fans I guess. I love that C-Cyzle name he started off with, that's really cute. Enjoy this early demo track.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Area 'Welcome to Hell (feat. T.D.K.)'

This isn't a new track, but I've been bumping it more lately because it's just that amazing all around. The beat and the flows by Area and T.D.K. all match up and I am digging both of their verses as well. I think it was a great move to add that reversed part to end the song, it's a nice final touch to the song. I highly recommend checking out 'Welcome to Hell' by AreaBDK or Area if you're looking for a track to get into his music. I think compared to his 2nd official mixtape (I'm pretty sure it was), "2 Fingers" has a much better production than "The Debut" and you can see the change in lyrical content from both mixtapes. It's interesting to see Area's progress in the music game, you can catch him performing from time to time out here in New England. He's had a pretty recent performance at Toad's Place in CT, who knows, maybe Area will be a name you here more and more in the music game. Here's another prep school rapper (who I also know personally) trying to grind out here. Take a listen to 'Welcome to Hell' and download that "2 Fingers" mixtape and be on the lookout to some brand new music from Area I believe later this month. 

Download "2 Fingers (Mixtape)" Here
Follow Area on Twitter

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Johny Hawkins "OG (Mixtape Download)"

This is a submission by an Atlanta mc by the name of Johny Hawkins with his 3rd mixtape entitled "OG." I don't know much about Johny Hawkins, but I am feeling this tape so far. I'm still in the midst of listening to the full tape, but I am definitely feeling the samples used in here from classics like Master P, Pimp C (R.I.P.), Three 6 Mafia and Bun B. I wish I had more of a bio to post about Hawkins, but right now just know that this tape has a great feel to it with an 80s/90s kind of vibe to it. Download and check the kid Johny Hawkins out, I'm sure you will dig him like I do.

Yelawolf 'Happy Father's Day'

Haven't been posting in a while, but guess who's back and in time for Father's Day...meee. In honor of the day, here's a brand new track by one of my personal favorites Yelawolf with 'Happy Father's Day.' After hearing it a few times, I'm really digging it. It's something different from him coming hard every track and I feel like he's a bit more laid back in terms of delivery, but always bringing it in terms of lyrical ability. I like how he's telling a story in the song where you hang on every word to visualize what it is that he's saying in the song. The compliment of the beat also brings out the lyrics of the song. This is the first new track I've heard from Yela in a minute now and I'm loving it as well. Happy Father's Day to the father's doing whatever they can to provide for their kids.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Asher Roth 'Outside'

Shoutouts to Ash Roth for the new track he dropped today called 'Outside.' A much needed track, because I've been wanting some new Roth for a minute now and I feel like it's something for us computer lames who stay inside all day blogging (I know I haven't really been active on here, but I'm still on the music scene). It's just a nice laid back track about not letting the day/your life pass by you by staying in the house all day, just go out there and enjoy what's out there. Make the most of your life. This will definitely be my theme for those days where I just want to try and kick it in the crib all day doing nothing, but blogging my summer away. Definitely take a listen, and then head outside and enjoy the day.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

KiD CuDi 'Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of This Whiskey!"

Yes, Yes, yes yes YESSSSSS. Some new new KiD CuDi. I still haven't had the chance to cop "WZRD," Cudders' Rock album with Dot Da Genius (and I've also been holding off listening to tracks from the album until I actually go out and buy it). So pretty much I've been kicking it with some old CuDi just waiting on him to drop some new rap music, and I saw at one of his shows he dropped a sweet little freestyle, proceeded to hint at new music on his twitter account, and bam bam bam here it is. This sweet track is entitled, "Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of This Whiskey!" which is something that KiD CuDi himself has produced since his 'Super Boo' track a while back. I'm definitely digging the beat, it has some 'Ghost' undertones to it with a little guitar with it (I just read his tweet that he reversed 'Ghost' and then added guitar and drums to the beat), and CuDi continues to prove to his fans that he still has it. I definitely needed this to hold me over for Man on the Moon III, so from CuDi to me to you, here's 'Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of This Whiskey!" 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Soulja Boy 'Say She Luv Me (feat. Chief Keef)'

I know you're probably looking at the title like "Soulja Boy?" and it's only because it's his song, but he only spits one verse and gets obliterated on the track by newcomer Chief Keef. As of late, Keef has been my new favorite artist, and after hearing his "I Don't Like" song (featuring Lil Reese) I just had to hear more from him. Maybe it's the fact that Keef is fairly young (I was told like 17), from the Midwest area (Chicago to be exact) and he's just so gritty on the mic that attracts me to his music. I've heard comparisons to Lil B and Waka Flocka in terms of Keef's music, and I just think he's his own person with his own style. I saw an interview somebody did with Chief Keef and he seems not shy, but he's not an attention seeker. He's not doing this for the fame, and it seems like he doesn't like it when people run up to him in public places asking for pictures and what not. I just wish him the best and I hope he keeps bringing the heat and banging out some dope music. Oh and he and Riff Raff are working on a music video coming out sometime next week I believe.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hardo & Deezlee "Fame or Feds (Rap or Bricks)"

I was recently put onto the guy Hardo a few weeks back after watching his 'Cut Throat' music video where he was spitting his verses in a room full of his crip representatives and I just had to download his mixtape "Fame or Feds (Rap or Bricks)" when it came out. I don't know the exact like genre of rap I would call his music, but I'm really digging it. I heard (through the wire), that Hardo is/was (not really sure) locked up which is a shame because he and Deezlee came hard on this tape. I'd have to say that currently my favorite track off of this is 'Follow' me which also features Slave. I think I have a love of songs that rappers put out that tell you to follow them on twitter. I don't know what it is. Other than that just listen and download "Fame or Feds (Rap or Bricks)" if you living that trappin lifestyle then you should be able to relate, if not it doesn't hurt to perpetrate that lifestyle (as everyone else in the world is doing).

Hardo - 'Cut Throat (Music Video)'

Robb Bank$ "Calendars (Mixtape)"

I've been listening to Robb Bank$ for a minute now, and I know little about him, but what I do know is that he makes some fresh music. I first got hip to him from his 'Counting' music video which has some great visuals along with a just rock/rap beat type of instrumental going on that you just can't not love. Bank$ born in New York (I forget where exactly), but raised in Florida describes his music as things he's witnessed day to day growing up, and just his experiences. With every track off of his solo debut, "Calendars" you'll get something different atop some incredible beats. I'm definitely impressed by his sound and I would love to meet him if I ever got the chance to, and I'm interested in listening to his group stuff as the other half of Tuesday Thru Sunday with Matt Meyer Lansky. So far my favorite track off of the "Calendars" mixtape would have to be 'Fine/The Come Down pt. 2' there's just something about Bank$' flow and the beat that makes this song irresistible.

Friday, February 24, 2012

SourSoul "Bad Milk"

I know I've been slipping when it comes to posting music lately, and it's not that I don't have anything to post, I'm just too lazy to sign on and do it. Here's some goodies to hold ya'll over for the time being, it's a collection of instrumentals put together by "SourSoul." I don't know much about SourSoul, but what I do know is is that he makes some pretty incredible stuff. The beats are laid pack, and just extremely calm to listen to, and I deff am loving this album. If anyone is looking for some relaxing and amazing instrumentals to listen to, then look no further than SourSoul's "Bad Milk." I think personally my favorite one is 'Pancakes,' but then again 'After Dark' is just one of those songs you just cruise around in your car with the top down and just vibe around town with that song blasting.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Asher Roth 'Hard Times (feat. Kids These Days & Casey Veggies)'

I've been gone for way too long, my first post of 2012 coming in February. I'm sorry ya'll, I promise I will make more of an effort to blog with this much more. I'm thinking about having my second (well technically 3rd/4th) twitter account primarily for tweeting posts and getting the latest updates on here and a way for me to connect with artists who submit their music to me or something. However, for my first post of the new year, it's a song I've recently fallen in love with by none other than Asher Roth. I have to admit I've slept on Pabst & Jazz for quite some time, and have recently downloaded it and the song 'Hard Times' really stands out to me. It just had this old school kind of vibe, with a catchy chorus and Roth, Casey Veggies and Kids These Days completely obliterate the track. Shoutouts to Blended Babies for producing this amazing song. It's more of a laid back kind of song where you just listen to what each artist is saying and you're just blown away by it. I love it and I think you all should as well.

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