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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yelawolf 'Happy Father's Day'

Haven't been posting in a while, but guess who's back and in time for Father's Day...meee. In honor of the day, here's a brand new track by one of my personal favorites Yelawolf with 'Happy Father's Day.' After hearing it a few times, I'm really digging it. It's something different from him coming hard every track and I feel like he's a bit more laid back in terms of delivery, but always bringing it in terms of lyrical ability. I like how he's telling a story in the song where you hang on every word to visualize what it is that he's saying in the song. The compliment of the beat also brings out the lyrics of the song. This is the first new track I've heard from Yela in a minute now and I'm loving it as well. Happy Father's Day to the father's doing whatever they can to provide for their kids.


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