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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Asher Roth 'Kidz These Daze'

Asher Roth has dropped a new track for his fans and the doubters alike. The new joint is called 'Kidz These Daze' which addresses his step back from making music and how people seem to/continue to judge him from 'I Love College.' Roth is a great artist who doesn't get the shine he so rightly deserves because people label him for his breakthrough into the industry track 'I Love College' and are so quick to put down any other songs from him because they assume his music will be like that. I find it dumb to quickly label an artist before you really get to check out other songs by them, listen to some freestyles, etc because they could potentially be your favorite artist if you gave them a listen. I love the beat on 'Kidz These Daze' because it has one of those old school, classic hip hop beats to it, and Asher addresses his music hiatus and the hate he's received by people about his music.

"Might be the most slept on in the world, saying all this cool s*** just to get ignored"


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