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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paperface 'She's Like A Star (feat. Prep Star) (Remix)'

Paperface, out of the New Jersey area, and he brings an original style to the music game, not just musically, but with his style. The name "Paperface" is to be taken literally for he wears a paperbag over his face as a way to hid his true identity. He tries to come up with different answers to the ever so popular question as to "Why?" and I think I may have one take on this. I'm only speculating, but maybe it's to keep attention to his music and what he has to offer, rather than focusing on his outer appearance and judging him before taking a second to see what he has to offer. I mean that's just me but let's get back to the music. The song 'She's Like A Star' which features Prep Star, is a remix of Taio Cruz's original song by the same name, and Paperface puts his spin on the song and adds a little comedy as well with the video. The song is about calling that special someone your "star" the one who's above everything to you, but Paperface (in the video) takes it one further and tells two girls that they are his star which leads to an argument between the two young ladies at the end. An overall great video from and the verses are well written and I can't wait to check out more music from Paperface in the future. If you're looking to check Paperface out in concert he's been doing shows in the New York/New Jersey and Philadelphia are so be on the look out.


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