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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nino_AM 'Ambitious Mind'

Nino_AM, an up and coming rapper out of the 860 (that's Connecticut for those of you who aren't hip to us yet), and he's looking to take over the music game and by the sound of his music his future looks promising. Nino_AM brings something smooth and different to the rap/hip hop game. He doesn't rap about the usual like most mainstream artists nowadays, but something that makes you think. You can listen to Nino's music from song to song and not get tired of it, and his song 'Ambitious Mind' is an example of that. The song samples the instrumental to KiD CuDi's song 'Trapped in my Mind' and Nino did his thing on the track and create something he can call his own. I can see Nino blowing up in the future and it's so nice to see someone with real rhymes ready to do something big.

"Get rich or die crashin'/ You see failure is tragic, but it is not an option/ success is addicting"


Moe said...

thank you for the support

The Brat said...

no probs, I'm diggin the music and people should know about it

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