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Friday, October 28, 2011

Pac Div 'Useless (feat. Asher Roth)'

New music from Southern California's own, Pac Div featuring Asher Roth entitled 'Useless.' After the "Mania!" tape, and much more music before that, I've certainly become a Pacific Division fan, and this new track with one of my top rappers Asher Roth, I've just become more and more into Pac Div and their music. The song which will be featured on their up and coming new album "The Div" which is dropping very soon (November 8th to be exact), and I'm hoping it does drop then because I'm not ready for a push back like the "Mania!" mixtape. Just can't withhold such good music from the fans for so long. The track is clean and I'm digging the beat and the rhymes that Pac Div drops are just crazy, and it seems like Asher is always coming at some other white rapper in his recent rhymes. I know I'm totally making this assumption off of his verse on this and his 'Kidz These Days' track. Just listen to how he starts off on this track and tell me he don't sound like he's coming at somebody. Either way it's still hot. Dope track by these fellas and I'll deff be on the look out for that new Pac Div album. Also check out for them on "The Blue Slide Park Tour."


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