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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

JMSN 'Alone (Official Video)'

I haven't really been posting much (totally my fault my loyal subscribers and The Brat Writes enthusiasts), but I do have a little something to hopefully make up for that. It's a song called 'Alone' by a guy who goes by JMSN, I don't know much about the guy, but I do plan on doing a little more research to give ya'll, but here is an official explanation of his video 'Alone' that he puts on his website: "Everything we do revolves around this something we want and its a constant battle.

We take medication and whatever else we can get to not think about the future and not worry if we’re getting back what we put in. Because more often than not we aren’t." (Read the rest here)I am After reading the explanation it just adds an extra like deep aspect to the video that you can already tell from watching (I'm sure that sentence made no sense lol). I'm definitely digging JMSN's voice and the content on this song, I've heard a few places that he sounds like another up and coming artist, The Weeknd, but I don't really see it, but hey thats just me. I like what he's doing here and I look forward to hearing more of JMSN's music.

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