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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hardo & Deezlee "Fame or Feds (Rap or Bricks)"

I was recently put onto the guy Hardo a few weeks back after watching his 'Cut Throat' music video where he was spitting his verses in a room full of his crip representatives and I just had to download his mixtape "Fame or Feds (Rap or Bricks)" when it came out. I don't know the exact like genre of rap I would call his music, but I'm really digging it. I heard (through the wire), that Hardo is/was (not really sure) locked up which is a shame because he and Deezlee came hard on this tape. I'd have to say that currently my favorite track off of this is 'Follow' me which also features Slave. I think I have a love of songs that rappers put out that tell you to follow them on twitter. I don't know what it is. Other than that just listen and download "Fame or Feds (Rap or Bricks)" if you living that trappin lifestyle then you should be able to relate, if not it doesn't hurt to perpetrate that lifestyle (as everyone else in the world is doing).

Hardo - 'Cut Throat (Music Video)'


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