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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Asher Roth 'Hard Times (feat. Kids These Days & Casey Veggies)'

I've been gone for way too long, my first post of 2012 coming in February. I'm sorry ya'll, I promise I will make more of an effort to blog with this much more. I'm thinking about having my second (well technically 3rd/4th) twitter account primarily for tweeting posts and getting the latest updates on here and a way for me to connect with artists who submit their music to me or something. However, for my first post of the new year, it's a song I've recently fallen in love with by none other than Asher Roth. I have to admit I've slept on Pabst & Jazz for quite some time, and have recently downloaded it and the song 'Hard Times' really stands out to me. It just had this old school kind of vibe, with a catchy chorus and Roth, Casey Veggies and Kids These Days completely obliterate the track. Shoutouts to Blended Babies for producing this amazing song. It's more of a laid back kind of song where you just listen to what each artist is saying and you're just blown away by it. I love it and I think you all should as well.


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