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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Coup 'Ride the Fence (Music Video)'

This is one song that I just love because of the content of the song which is something that you don't hear nowadays on the radio. Lyrics like, "I'm anti-republican and democratic
if they self-destruct
that's anti-climactic
tired of bein' hunted like an antelope
take the system by the throat
that's the antidote
so I pose a proposition
take a look, be in support or opposition
then be proactive proceed with confidence
'cause you know that you can't change shit by ridin' the fence
" this song is just something you can't compare to with the mainstream nonsense on the radio. I wanted to post this not only because of the message to not ride the fence, but be strong and chose a side and not follow others, but make decisions on your own, but because of some tragic news I just read about.

The bassist for The Coup, Dewey Tucker, was shot and killed last year, and police now have four suspects for the crime. I hope Mr. Tucker may rest in peace and may he get the justice he deserves. Rest in Peace.


Anonymous said...

Nice not mentioning that piece of shit cover. Niggers don't care about anyone until one of them gets shot (by another one of them).

Anonymous said...

The CD cover was made before 9/11 by the way...

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