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Friday, September 3, 2010

Popular by Masai

Soo I guess a little while back there was a video of Kanye West sampling the song 'Popular' from the Wicked Soundtrack (great soundtrack by the way lolz) I guess for his upcoming album which I have lost track of the title (lolz). So the sample is out there on YouTube if you're looking to do a freestyle or something on it. I found this version of the song (i just mean someone rapping over the beat) off of another blog I'm following (which ya'll should too) called CHOMP! and it's a nice song so check it out and drop a comment on the song or if you did a freestyle to the song let me know so I can put you up here. His name once again is Masai and you can contact him on Twitter: @MasaiCD for more information on him. I just checked and this song I believe will be on Masai's upcoming mixtape "Almost Back" coming out in September.

*Correction* the mixtape is titled "Almost Back" I accidently said "Black" and it will be available September 15th and if you want to pre-order it now you can at almostback.com

Without further ado here is Masai's 'Popular'


justp1ayin said...

Name of the mixtape is Almost BACK (not black).

It will be available the 15th of September and is available for pre-oder at almostback.com

The Brat said...

oh my fault I'll change that right now. thanks

justp1ayin said...

No biggie. Maybe we can work on a review of the album prior to the release if you're interested. Shoot me an e-mail cdmasai@gmail.com

The Brat said...

yea that'd be dope and I got you I'll send one right now

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