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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Cool Kids 'Free Throws (Music Video)'

The dope fellas Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish aka The Cool Kids have finally dropped the long awaited music video for their song 'Free Throws' which was off of their "Merry Christmas" Mixtape that came out over a year ago or so. They did have a video where they were in the studio with legendary producer and DJ Don Cannon, recording the song, but there is now an official video for the song. The song is another one of those songs like 'Big Talk' or 'Pennies' that relates to basketball in some way, but the way they approach making a song, no matter the topic, is what really grabs me. They can rap pretty much about anything and make it hot because they always have a dope beat behind them, and they don't need to follow conventional paths on rapping about money, cars, women and everything else that has been filled in these mainstream lyrics nowadayz. The music video is just them straight up rapping, but shots of them around town (with Mikey rocking a Lakers beanie? oh geez), it kind of reminds me of a little home video type of thing with the guys in the snow and what have you. I feel like spending a day with these guys would be jam packed with fun, sneakers, and dropping dope rhymes.

*I did the edit on this picture so if you're gonna take it please credit the source, gracias*

"Yo girls tryin to pregame they all look thirsty. Purse full of hair cause she gotta get a sew in later on"


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