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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sweezer B. 'IDGAF! (Prod. Beaker)'

Just saw this track and I had to see what it was about. I've never heard of the guy Sweezer B beforehand but what I can tell you about this song is that it's fresh. So I went and looked him up and I see he does have a nice fan base, and already dropped a tape called "The Ugly Troof" and one called "24 Hours Till Reality" which I'll download and check out and possibly post it up with a review of it for ya'll to read and download. I looked up some info on Sweezer B and he's a rapper out of the Minneapolis, Minnesota area (shoutouts to the Mid West), and is actually only a couple year older than me. He's been doing his thing on the mic at least since he was 14 years old which has given him plenty of time to work on his skills and create something the people will be craving for. The song 'IDGAF!' (you can guess what it stands for), has a hot beat and Sweezer drops some nice punchlines to create an amazing sounding track produced by Beaker. I'm deff gonna check out some more songs by him and I hope you guys do the same.

"I don't really give a F*** about your feelings, n****, my middle finger is vertical to the ceiling"


Daveed said...

Listen to his other stuff too, you wont regret it! IDGAF is the hottest jam out from the midwest right now! everyone is downloading it so if your not then I don't know what your doing with your life, smh!:) DO IT NOW!

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