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Friday, March 11, 2011

Theo Martins 'Turn It Up (Feat. Plan B)'

Theo Martins, musician out of Rhode Island, and artist behind the track 'Lo-Fi Love' which I featured on here a while back has just released a new album for his fans called "Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor." The album mixes a bunch of different genres like Hip Hop, some Pop, Electro, amongst others to create something original and Theo Martins unique. The first track off of the album is called 'Turn It Up' which features British musician Plan B on the track. 'Turn It Up' has a mix of different sounds blended together to create this dance inspired, techno influenced song that will definitely have you going crazy on the dance floor. I'm definitely diggin the intro which starts off slow and acapella, then the different instruments coming in really add to the track. Theo Martins always brings something different and unique to his music and 'Turn It Up' is a great intro song to an even more amazing album.


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