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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

J.Vill 'Something Crazy' (Wynter Gordon Remix)

So my mans J.Vill (A ChillinVillains Premiere Artist) sent me the track like a week ago, but I was mad lazy to put it up (sorry lol). But the track is called 'Something Crazy' and it is something crazy lol. But really I think (not really sure) it's an original track by Wynter Gordon (another group/artist I believe) and JVill did his thing on the track (I might be totally wrong so don't quote me on it lol). It's like/it IS a party song to get hype to if you play it up all the way. Like I can see thing being played in the club on a friday or saturday night (or whenever you people go out to party lol) and everyone just going crazy. Enough blabbing check out 'Something Crazy.'


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