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Friday, October 15, 2010

'Make A Killin' by tabi Bonney feat. Pusha T

I know I'm a little (maybe a lot) late on this, but I had the song a few days ago, but I've been busy visiting college and what not right now so I haven't really had time to blog and put music up, but in the next few minutes (and I promise) I'll have a few new posts for ya'll to listen to/read. A few updates, I got tagged for possible copyright infringement on that last Kelly Rowland song I posted. My fault, I apologize for that and I had no intentions of doing that. I totally support Kelly and her music venture so I'll repost it with probs a link to the song on YouTube or something. Alright now back to this song, it's called 'Make A Killin' by tabi Bonney featuring Pusha T. I don't know much about tabi Bonney, but let me just say this is a GREAT first impression for me with this song. The beat reminds me of a Caribbean kind of sound like a Reggae kind of feel to it and Pusha T and tabi both straight kill it. It's just something you can vibe to and I can deff see this hitting the radio real soon.


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