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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

'Good Morning, Forever' by Carlos St. John feat. Azeem

Check your calendars, today is Tuesday aka Carlos St. John Day, and once again he did not disappoint. Teaming up this week with Azeem Salem (Listen to 'Breath Again,' and 'Blow Them Away') to sing on the hook (which is spectacular and very catchy might I add), Carlos drops 'Good Morning, Forever' for us. The track samples LLoyd Banks' 'Start It Up' beat and Carlos did the darn thing once again. Like I have been waiting for a new drop since he tore up, 'The World Belongs to Me.' I mean seriously if you haven't heard/listened to Carlos St. John please stop waiting around and listen now, "That mean I'm so dope, So I don't piss clean" (WHAT?! DID HE REALLY?!?!?!??!) I mean he killed it this week. You already know the deal for next tuesday so hop aboard now and get with Carlos St. John NOW.


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