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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Cool Kids 'Big Talk (Official Music Video)'

I never got a chance to post the song on here, I only did on the other blog I write for (The ChillinVillains), I wasn't sure at the time if I wanted to post it here or not. I was still trying to figure out how I felt about the song, but I do love it, especially that bass. I mean the bass is crazy, it's deff something you could bump while cruising in your ride (I think I actually said that in the other post I did for the song too lol). You can read my review of the song here, but for the video review. The video is soooo Chicago, Mikey and Chuck rep Chi Town to the fullest (as usual). They're at a Bulls game, decked out in Bulls gear, and everything is just Chicago. I love it, you gotta rep where your from. The wait is over, check out 'Big Talk' here.

*PS* Oh and the picture is/was edited by yours truly.


theVibeGirl said...

This track doesn't develop much lyrically, does it?

The Brat said...

Never really thought about it, I just am in love with the beat, but yeah this seems like one of their songs that doesn't really have a "direction" we'll say.

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