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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Carlos St. John "In Association" Mixtape

A Christmas gift from me to you all. The long awaited Carlos St. John "In Association" Mixtape has finally arrived, and just in time for Christmas. For the past few months I've been giving you guys an incredible new track each Tuesday (dubbed Carlost St. John Day) and the mixtape which features each track along with three, yea THREE new songs by Carlos. The two songs are 'Welcome to Real Life' and '12 Flights Up,' along with the finished cuts of 'Hands' and 'Hustler 2.2' (the final "In Association" series track), and as I suspected the final track of 'Hustler 2.2' was a sample of another song. There are 14 songs on the mixtape, and if you want to read my personal opinions on the songs you can check out previous St. John posts here. All in all, if you doubted Mr. St. John before, you won't after you've heard this mixtape, and if that still doesn't win you over or you are a fan and want more music, download his first mixtape "The St. John Portfolio."

'Welcome To Real Life' is one of those real/reflection songs where Carlos gets serious on the track especially in the chorus. It's almost like the struggle that goes with the music industry, and what he's accomplished so far, "I laugh through the stained glass knowing that I own 100% of my Dame Dash/That's creative control lame a**"

'The Brook' I just figured it out, it's short for Brooklyn because as we all know this is Brooklyn's James Bond. The song is more of a track for his hometown of Brooklyn and all that comes in and out of Brooklyn. So if you're from Brooklyn make sure you bump this.

'12 Flights Up' the final track on the mixtape is the outro track and he's pretty much thanking us (The Stockholders) for coming along this ride with him. Him being 12 flights up is another kind of reflection track where he's wondering what direction/where to go next from here. "The money goes fast/the life goes fast/you speedin' through the lights and the lights don't flash" is just one line from the chorus.


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