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Friday, December 31, 2010

Rykkinfellabeats 'Speedy'

I first heard of the artist and was like what? But following the advice of a "friend" we'll say, I checked it out and the song is amazing. It samples Brenton Wood's 'Gimme Little Sign' and I have just fallen in love with the instrumental. I wanted to listen to the original version and J Dilla's 'Signs' and the original was sung beautifully by Brenton Wood and I just love how Rykkinfellabeats and J Dilla have masterfully sampled the song. The original has this soulful vibe to it, while this version, 'Speedy' keeps the same instrumental, but is more, I'm not sure how to phrase this, but it's more mastered and sped up more than the original. The song is less lyrics and singing, and more instrumental which makes it even more catchy to listen to. I don't know much about Rykkinfellabeats but I think he's a German artist (my second German related artist on here), and this song is a great display of his talent.


Anonymous said...

Hey! :)
I just wanted to inform you that Rykkinnfella is a Norwegian music producer. His real name is Alexander Austheim. He is from Rykkinn, which is a place in Norway just outside of Oslo. This remix was for a skate movie with Michael Sommer (a Norwegian skater). His Facebook page: http://nb-no.facebook.com/pages/Rykkinnfella/44812023338?sk=info and Twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/Rykkinnfella

Just wanted to share the info! :)

The Brat said...

thanks for the info on him, and I found this remix from the Michael Sommer video actually. Thanks for the info

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