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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Manny X 'I Just Want To Know'

I first just want to apologize to my guy Manny X because he sent me his music like a while ago and I've been wild slow and late with posting it on here, but the wait is over. Manny X you've probs heard of him, but for those who haven't he is a singer/songwriter/producer/what can't the man do musically representing Puerto Rico and currently living here in the states. Manny X's track, 'I Just Want To Know' is a gorgeous song that displays his piano playing skills along with his soothing voice singing about that love that is no longer in your life and reminiscing on the moments shared and if her new love does the things Manny has done for her now. I enjoy how there really isn't any other instruments or any other effects or what have you in the background that takes away from the beautifulness of the song and his voice. His range is nicely shown in this love song and a great starter song for people to hear and then wanna check out more from the up and comer Manny X. He already has many songs, released a couple albums and has his music everywhere and has fans not just in the US but also internationally based. I deff suggest Manny X to anyone out there that wants to hear some good R&B music sung by someone of real talent.

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