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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'Black and Yellow My Dougie'

My friend had posted this, and I listened to it and it's a really good mix. I'm not really a fan of Wiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow' (but Carlos St. John ripped it) and I've been on 'Teach Me How To Dougie' since last winter or so, but this mix is intense. Mad niceee and props to Henry for putting this together. Let me know what you think, idk if he has a download for it, but when/if there is one I'll post it.


The Prof said...

yo hit me up in the inbox if you wanna send tracks over. i'm trying to use the chatbox for discussion. props on this site though, it looks good.

theprofessor {at} freshoncampus {dot} com

Jami said...

DL link anywhere??

The Brat said...

unfortunately not on this one, I would like one too lol. sorry :(

carneshenr said...

The only reason I didnt put a dl link is because alot of my friends got their tracks stolen (re-uploaded as another person). If I ever get a website or blog up ill make it downloadable.

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