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Monday, November 22, 2010

Look 'Keep on Pushin' feat. Millyz

Don't know much about the two, but what I do know is that they created a crazy nice track. I found it while in the search of some new stuff to put up, and while this track has been out a little while, it's still new to me and those who've never heard of either artist. I know (well read) that Millyz is a rapper out of the New England area (what what??? NE doing big things out here lol), Massachusetts to be exact, and I'm not sure where look is from (I can't really seem to find stuff on him right now), and Millyz has a couple mixtapes out and has been receiving good feedback from them I see. The song, 'Keep On Pushin' isn't something I'd usually put on here, but I couldn't resist, once you listen to it you'll be hooked. So I hope you enjoy and tell your friends to download and bump it as often as you can.


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