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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Carlos St. John 'Hustler 2.2 (Snippet)'

I know I know ya'll are like, what happened on Tuesday? I didn't get the new track, and when I did I've been too lazy to post it (sorry ya'll), but now that I'm on vacation I've got time to post, post, and post for you all. This week for Carlos St. John Day, it's switched up a bit, and we have a snippet of a track that features the one and only Azeem showing off his production skills (because we already know how amazing his voice is). No need to show off on someone else's beat so Carlos keeps it all original in this track, and I'm not sure if it's two tracks on here because the beat switches up towards the end, but either way both or this one track is crazy hot, and the full length version needs to be released ASAP. Once again, support Carlos St. John and his movement.


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