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Friday, November 26, 2010

Lil' Kim 'Black Friday (Nicki Minaj Diss)'

I wanted to post this yesterday, but it was mad late, but anyways lets get to it. Lil Kim > nicki minaj, it's as simple as that, when you start to have real lyrics in your rhymes talk to me, when you sell more records then Kim talk to me, when you stop with that voice change nonsense and put some effort in your lyrics TALK TO ME, but before then, sit down nicki minaj (you gets not caps over here). You can't come dissing Ms. Kimberly Jones and saying you destroyed every female in the rap game, HUH? When Remy come out you'll get destroyed, Lil Kim already has the heat, can you handle this snippet? Or do you need the full version before you stop talking and know your place?

Here's the snippet of the diss record, expect the full version out some time today.

*Edit* The full version is out, what do you have to say now nicki? Diddy? Young Money?


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