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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Carlos St. John "12 Flights Up, A Short Story- Good Morning, Forever (Video #4)

It's been a week, and everyone's favorite day has arrived again: Carlos St. John Day. I've been anxiously waiting for this weeks installment of the video and was granted ability to peak at the video earlier today before it was dropped anywhere else, so thank you to Taylor and Carlos for that wonderful opportunity. See ya'll, it pays to be a Stock Holder. The video for this week uses the song, 'Good Morning, Forever' which honestly is a song I didn't like at first, but after playing it countless times in a row I feel like needs to be my alarm because it's such a great song to wake up to/listen to in the morning. The video picks up where the last one ended, and it's the day after the argument between Carlos and his girl. He's dressed (looking sharp as usual) and she's lying in bed and there is flashbacks of their night (a little explicit for you younger readers), and Carlos' face just looks like he's up to something which I'm guessing we'll find out in the next video. If you like the song then I HIGHLY suggest you download his mixtape "In Association" and become a Stock Holder today. They don't call him Brooklyn's James Bond for nothing.


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