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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pac Div 'Take Me High'

Pac Div is in full force right now with their mixtape coming out soon, still no date for that I think, but no worries the endless supply of music is there for those anticipating "Maniac!" to drop. 'Take Me High' is another track that will be featured on the mixtape that has this more slow dance, like old school R&B kind of instrumental to it with the guys of Pac Div rapping over it to their special ladies. The school has sex written all over it yet the beat will lead you thinking it's something smooth and nice for the ladies. However when you listen to the lyrics they really go in on some of the ladies on this track and how they "go in on the ladies, right after I kush" so if you catch my drift you'll understand the song more. Oh and there's also a trailer video for their mixtape "Maniac!" which I'll post in a few so stay tuned.


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