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Monday, February 14, 2011

BlameShift "The Black Rose (EP)"

So I've been a BlameShift fan for a few years now, ever since I came into contact with them on a social networking site for bands and fans to interact and what have you. They're a really awesome band and I fell in LOVE with their songs, 'f.a.k.e.,' 'War Within' and 'Saints and Sinners' which are off of their earlier albums "The Test" and their self-titled "BlameShift" album. I haven't heard anything from them in a hot minute, until I checked their page and saw that they posted some new stuff, and had/have an EP out called "The Black Rose." They teased us fans with a little snippet of the songs on it, and I was like I NEED these like ASAP, and I was able to receive this amazing EP from the cool peeps over at BlameShift. The 5 track EP, continues to display the bands talents, and their soon rise to fame with the gorgeous vocals of lead singer Jenny Mann, and Tim Barbour on the guitar and last, but not least James Miller intoxicating your ears with his drumming abilities. These guys are honestly the friendliest people/band EVER. I've been in contact with them off and on and they are so open, and love the support their fans give them, and definitely show that they appreciate this. Once again support BlameShift and get their FREE, yes I said FREE new EP "The Black Rose" today by liking them on Facebook. I honestly can't wait until they blow up big time.

Here's a taste of their new EP with the song 'One Chance.'


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