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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tyler the Creator 'Yonkers (Official Video)'

Wow I just checked out this song, and it's a simple video design, but it's so different and I don't wanna say out there but it's strange. It's just Tyler the Creator and he's spitting his rhymes and just his actions are different, he eats a cockroach and then throws it up, and at the end he hangs himself. I would NOT recommend this video for the younger audiences just to warn you guys, but his lyrical content is nice, except for his opening for his second verse. He doesn't seem that much older than me, but then again he could be younger. The song 'Yonkers' is filled with great metaphors that will get you thinking if you really sit there and listen to what he says in the song. I'm not all that sure what the title and the lyrical content have to do with eachother but there must be a reason for doing so. The video to me kind of makes me think he's trying to show off his different style that does not follow that of most mainstream artists and that he's bringing something different to the table. "I'm an overachiever, so how about I start a team of leaders and pick up Stevie Wonder to be the wide reciever"


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