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Sunday, February 13, 2011

X.O. 'Forever Young (Day 12)'

I've got another track from the guy X.O. who ripped it on that freestyle to Kanye's song 'Drive Slow' and has come back from his hiatus and is doing another like 30 day freestyle thingy with a new track every day, and this is his day 12 song. This time he goes in on Jay-Z's 'Forever Young' song and makes it his own. It still has that sentimental vibe to it where you just wanna listen to it and reflect on your life while listening to it. He uses it to reflect on his life and how long he's been in the rap game and his hopes for his future after his time in the music industry goes away. I highly suggest you guys take some time out of your busy days and check out what this guy has to offer to the music game. "Contrary to the fairy tale I live, I know, that we never live forever, yeah we all gotta go."


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