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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

J.Vill "40's & High Class Shorties (Mixtape)"

Chillin Villain's Premiere Artist J.Vill has just released his long awaited sophomore mixtape entitled "40's & High Class Shorties" for all you J.Vill fans desperately awaiting for new music, and those college kids needs new music for those on campus rage fests you throw every weekend. The tracks on this mixtape are meant to be played LOUD and partied even harder to, or maybe just burn this onto a CD and pop it into your car and just let the music take a hold of the car (lol no don't that's really dangerous lol). There are a lot of mixes on here that J.Vill takes his creative mind and just releases some dope rhymes onto these even crazier instrumentals. I've already put you guys onto a couple of J.Vill's songs and I HIGHLY recommend that you continue to check him out, and download this mixtape and play it non stop until he drops a CD or another mixtape to keep you all busy. I highly suggest you guys download 'Show Me Love (Afrojack)' because that one's like my new favorite song. Oh and tell your friends about him put on a song and watch them get hooked. Oh yea and Orange County STAND UP!


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