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Monday, August 30, 2010


I got this song off of the "Skate Property The Official DGK Mixtape - 28 grams" off of Stevie Williams' myspace [not there anymore tho :(] and it's just jam packed with a lot of songs that you may have heard or weren't out there (? like on the radio, cds stuff like that lolz) but the song is called 'Grimey' by G-Unit aka 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. It was supposed to be on the "Blood in a Gangsta's Grill" mixtape which was never released I'm reading. Not too many know about the song, but if you down with G-Unit and like their music, check this one out. Oh and FYI if you're downloading it, it's called Track4 cause when i downloaded the mixtape it didn't give me the song titles so...bear with me lol, you can change it if you like or whatever. Oh and let me know who you think had the best versee, personally I think well idk they all ripped it but I often quote (in my head lolz) Tony Yayo's part a lot.


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