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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Time Has Come...

So the time has come to discuss the results of my Most Underrated Rapper poll. First off let's just clarify what I meant by "most underrated." What I meant was an artist who you think should be played more often on the radio, receive more exposure ie promos for music videos, receiving more awards, etc. The choices I put up were Wale, KiD CuDi, Wiz Khalifa, and Lupe Fiasco, those are artists who I think have strong fan bases and should receive more mainstream shine than they are given.

The winner of the poll was Lupe Fiasco with 93 of the 231 votes. Lupe is a very lyrical artist who spits the truth and received much shine with Kick Push, but hasn't really earned the same spotlight since (totally just my opnion). He did remix Rick Ross' 'BMF' song with his own twist to it which puts the song in a different light. He dropped a new mixtape last year (i believe) and has another one dropping very soon. Hopefully he can regain that mainstream status without having to change his style up.

The second place artist is my man KiD CuDi. CuDi dropped on the mainstream scene with his song 'Day N Nite' and stayed in the spotlight for quite some time for the track. He gained many fans with the song (like myself) and those who continued to bump CuDi while he was away from the radio with his 3 official mixtapes to give his fans before his long awaited album, Man on the Moon dropped last year. Sure he's had more well known songs like Pursuit of Happiness since, but nothing really to stick. I, myself think CuDi deserves MUCH MORE attention than he's getting right now, but I just hope that he doesn't switch up his music cause he's perfect the way he is.

To Wale and Wiz, both have a lot of fans and I wish the best for ya'll and hopefully receive the shine your fans want ya'll to have.


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