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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stellar Dexterz

The Stellar Dexterz are a stellar hip hop group mixed with 80s sound/style consisting of two FINEEE gentleman who go by HBK (heartbreak kid) and Jerzy Rocz (aka J-Roc) out of the Orlando, Florida area. I was introduced to them by them actually (ha ha) and might i say they have a style unmatched in today's mainstream music. Their style reminds you of the days of old-school hip hop which is something you don't hear to often. If you're open to different types of music then I HIGHLY recommend the Stellar Dexterz to you, they're working on some new music (which I'm super excited about hearing J-ROC lol) They've dropped an album called "Weird Science" in 2008 and have a few tracks on their Purevolume account where you can download and listen for free :D (i'll throw up the link later in the post). I'll throw up a pic of them in another post, but here's their music video for their song "Cold Chillin"


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