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Friday, August 20, 2010

Music to me

Music is an outlet, for me especially. i can listen to it when i'm happy, sad, before a game and depending on what type, when i'm reading a book. I'm into Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Grunge, Rock, and some Country ( i do enjoy a little Rascal Flatts). But i don't tend to "like" the same type of music played mainstream on the radio as everyone else. I like music thats more than a catchy hook that downgrades women and being rich and flashy. Sure thats some of the stuff thats played more often when it comes to Rap music and i might give in and play a song along those themes, but i don't often gravitate towards it when i'm listening to music. The same can be said about Pop/Rock music. I'm not one to hop on a popular artist like, 'OMG i love her/him' just cause they're the hottest thing out right now. So i guess thats a little of me for the moment. Follow up posts to come laterz i suppose.


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