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Thursday, September 30, 2010

100th Post and U Smile Video Premiere

Thanks to all of my supporters, followers, readers, commenters just everybody who makes The Brat Writes possible. I've finally made it to 100 posts and this moment is breath taking (LOL). No, but seriously it does feel good to know that other people are interested in what I have to offer on here and take the time to rate or comment my blog or vote on my polls (B.T.Dubbs I should have a new poll coming soon) it really does mean a lot to me. I have a few announcements, I will be (slash attempting) to do a kind of mixtape monday kind of thing where I introduce mixtape that I'm bumping or just came out or something and rate them and what not, I already have a few I want to do. Also I'm in contact with a few up and coming artists and I hope to get this stuff they're dropping/an interview up from Masai soon along with some other stuff. Look out for my posts here and on TheChillinVillains.com you might get some drops on there before they make it here or vice versa.

And to cap off this post I have the World Premiere Video of Justin Bieber's 'U Smile' song off of his "My World 2.0" album. Don't get all crazy, I'm a fan of Justin, but I'm not a belieber (or atleast not yet lolz), I love this song and 'Stuck in the Moment' off of that album along with a few other ones (not counting the singles EVERYONE knows thats played on the radio and what not). I think he's a good singer, and the album was amazing. The video is good, but I wasn't really sure what direction they would go with it, I won't comment my opinion yet because I have to watch it a few more times first. You let me know what you think.


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