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Friday, September 3, 2010

New Music: KiD CuDi

So I posted this a few days ago on The Chillin Villains when it first dropped, but I waited a while before posting it here cause I'm still a little in different about it. It's a new song by none other than KiD CuDi and it's called 'Did You Get It' apparently it's gonna be off the Man On The Moon II album (but I'm not 100% sure tho). Idk it's nice, but not really the CuDi I was expecting like on 'Erase Me' or 'REVOFEV' or 'Wylin Cause I'm Young' or any of his stuff off the first album or his mixtapes, but thats just my opinion. I'll listen to it more and I might just change my opinion, but drop your comments about the song.

*Correction* the video i posted before was removed so I finally found another one with the song, it's apparently slowed down a little, but you can't really tell.

Without further ado here's 'Did You Get It'


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