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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Runaway Love (Remix)

So, I know this song came out a few weeks ago, but as of late I've just been in LOVE with it. I first heard the song (the original I mean) when I bought Justin's My World 2.0 (don't get me wrong I am NOT a belieber as of yet, I just like his music, so I'm just a regular fan) and I saw on twitter that Kanye was diggin the joint as well and he wanted to do something with the track.

A couple weeks later and BAM he and as I like to call him "the man of the hour" Raekwon remixed the song and made it their own. I think it's a good track, but there's some problems that I find with it though. I do enjoy how they changed the beat a little, it just love how it sounds and their verses were tight, but I just didn't think they really mixed their parts in well with the meaning/content of the original song. But don't get me wrong the song is still hot in my opinion, please don't knock the song without listening just because you don't like Justin Bieber for dumb reasons. Comment and let me know what you think.

P.S. did anyone else hear what sounded like a "BURRR" in the song?

Download 'Runaway Love (Remix)' Here


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