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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Better Than Her feat. Akon

The song was leaked/released (whatever you wanna call it) in april (something like that), but I came across it mad late at night last night so I couldn't put it up, but the song's called 'Better Than Her' by Matisse featuring Akon. Apparently she's one of his new artists and I like what they did on this song. It's mad poppy (like popish) and I can deff hear this played on the radio... She (Matisse) kind of sounds like Lady Gaga to me, idk I just kind of get that vibe, probs cause Gaga jumped on the scene with Akon and just blew up and her first single was this dance/pop song and this reminds me of it. This should get plenty of radio time in the near future, not sure how to determine how well she'd do because I don't know much about her, but this song is a great start off point for her. Akon really knows how to create hits and sign amazing artists. Well I've dragged on long enough, here's 'Better Than Her.'


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