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Friday, January 21, 2011

Adam Tensta 'Like A Punk (Official Video)'

Adam Tensta a hip hop/electronica artist out of Sweden has been blowing up the charts overseas, and this is my first time experiencing some Adam Tensta and I'm still undecided. The song, 'Like A Punk' looks to tell you not to follow the crowd and to be your own person and express whatever style you think is you not what everyone else is doing. After reading his biography a bit, this song takes on a more biographical feeling because of where he grew up and the path he chose not to take as a young child. The song has a combination of hip hop/rock kind of feel to it, so if you are new and open to different genres of music I say definitely watch 'Like A Punk.' If you've never seen Adam Tensta before you can tell with just one glance that his style is different and unique, if you're still unsure about him give it a few more listens, maybe check out his other stuff. Who knows he might just become your new favorite artist.


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