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Monday, January 31, 2011

Atmosphere 'Minnesota Nice' feat. Prof, Felipe Cuauhtli & Gene Poole

This song has punchlines for days, on top of a beat that's reminiscent of a Dr. Dre (maybe?) song, I got it, it kind of sounds like Tupac's 'California Love' song (doesn't it?). Well besides that, the song is ill, and another one of those cruising songs that you turn all the way up, nod your head and just let the music take you there. Atmosphere teams up with Prof, Felipe Cuauhtli and Gene Poole to create such an amazing track with 'Minnesota Nice.' The song is kind of a homage to their hometown (maybe? lol), but whether or not it is the song has lines in it that will stick with you for days, and have you repeating them to your friends. Some of the stuff in here is a little innapropriate, but hey what hip hop/rap song isn't nowadays? "You may be bad but I'm worse (I'm so worse)/They call me Minnesota Nice"


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